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THEYRE~1.ZIP 147306 Aug-30-2008 They're Off is a high action Horse Racing
game, jam packed with features for use on
your WINServer/Wildcat! 5 BBS. This unique
Horse Racing game has over 100 different
horses, UP to 6 furlongs of racing action,
selectable number of laps (2, 4 or 6),
10 horses per race, randomly generated
horses, smooth action, highly configurable
add-ons, Off Track Betting, a lounge with
more games, full controls, and much more!
WSAV-6~1.ZIP 118792 Aug-29-2008 wsAnti-Virus (wsAV) Version 6.0
Many enhancements including fully configurable
AV Notification message, and Exit Code definition
to avoid false positives due to differences between
Copyright (c) 2008, wsSoftware (USA)
WSHD_T~1.ZIP 54392 Aug-30-2008 wsHelpDesk Tutorials Add-In v1.2.1
This add-in module seemlessly plugs
into the wsHelpDesk to give you the
ability to write tutorials that have
stylized text, and you can include
videos from YouTube or create your
own using Screen Recording software.
This module is a *Registered Only*
module. There is no trial for it.
You can purchase it at the online
store. http://www.software4wins.com
WSHELP~1.ZIP 4975038 Aug-30-2008 wsHelpDesk by wsSoftware
Now you can give your users a
full trouble ticket system with
Live Help (using CoffeeCup's Live
Chat Program and PHP), FAQ, and
WSHOST~1.ZIP 135848 Aug-29-2008 wsHost: Virtual Hosting Manager for Winserver
Easily setup and manage multiple domains using
this program. Easy to setup and run. Program
maintains stats on hits per domain coming
through wsHost.
Visit http://www.wssoftware.net/ for more
quality winserver applications.
Copyright 2008
WSLOGM~1.ZIP 113181 Dec-23-2008 wsLogManager v1.0 Log Manager
wsLogManager is a web based log file manager
for winserver. You can easily read your log
files right from the web based interface, as
well as create an archive of all the log files
found in your winserver home folder.
Quality Shareware from wsSoftware
Visit http://www.wssoftware.net
WSLOST~1.ZIP 156571 Aug-30-2008 wsLostMyPassword v3.3.1
Lost Password Recovery for Winserver by wsSoftware
This program will send the user their password if they forget
it, assuming they remember their username. For security it
will only send the email message to the email address they
used when they frist created their account. This address is
stored in the User Profile Field called 'EmailAddress'.
WSOPT-~1.ZIP 5119662 Aug-29-2008 wsOpt-In User Signup Management System
Version 1.3.1
New Update! Now includes multi-domain
support for completely different
signups, based on domain name.
This is the User Signup Management System
for WINServer. Gain Full control over
your signup without any HTML coding!
This version fixes the problem in
obtaining the demo key.
This version contains both the Pro
version and the standard version
Visit http://www.Software4Wins.com
WSPOST~1.ZIP 167678 Aug-29-2008 wsPost v1.0.1
Repetitive Message Posting Tool
wsPost will easily allow you to post
messages to conferences automatically.
This is great for posting rules, or bbs
ads to fido conferences.
Visit my new online store at:
For support or questions:
WSPOST~2.ZIP 49012 Sep-06-2008 wsPost v1.1.0 Update
This update fixes a few minor
problems when editing wsPost
WSSECM~1.ZIP 187185 Oct-26-2008 wsSecurityManager v1.0
wsSecMan is a password management program that
will force password changes by security profile
or on a user by user basis. Security profile
password updates follow a frequency that you
set, as well as the length of the password and
the use of special characters.
WSUSER~1.ZIP 910358 Aug-29-2008 wsUserManager v4.1.1
This is a web based user manager
with all the fileds of the user
record, and the ability to add
up to 6 user profile fields.
This is the easiest way to edit
users in winserver!
WSVERI~1.ZIP 93715 Aug-30-2008 wsVerify v6.0
Newly updated for 2008!
wsVerify is an email/telnet verifier for WINServer 5+
This program sends an email address to your users with
a randomly generated passcode. The user must enter the
correct passcode, once entered, it will automatially
upgrade their security level.
Shareware from wsSoftware.
Official Web Site: http://www.wssoftware.net
Email: support@wssoftware.net

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