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CONFIG.DAT 28 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
CRYPTO39.ZIP 1027095 Sep-13-2007 CRYPTO v3.9 - Cryptogram puzzle game
for Windows. Crypto (TM) is a Windows
version of the popular Cryptogram puzzles
often found in puzzle books or the Sunday
paper. The shareware version comes with 50
puzzles to keep you entertained for days. The
registration fee of $14.95 gets you over
10,000 additional puzzles and instructions on
how to construct your own puzzle files. Now
you can print puzzles, too!
SUDOK21.ZIP 1514181 Sep-13-2007 SUDOKOACH v2.1 - Win95 and later:
Helps you solve Sudoku puzzles, and gives
you tips and hints that will help make
solving Sudoku puzzles more fun!
SudoKoach also creates Sudoku puzzles,
which you can solve right away or print for
solving at a later time or to give to

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