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File Area (00021) : Windows Applications

ABEPR194.ZIP 4068869 Dec-25-2007 Active Backup Expert. Make reserve copies
(backups) of disk files, helps to
synchronize files on two (or more) PCs.
Active Backup Expert stores backups in
standard ZIP or CAB format, so in addition
to ABE you can use any compression tool to
operate ABE-made backup files.
Req: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP,
At least 2Mb free HD space,Mouse or other
Windows pointing device;
ABEPR20.ZIP 4285639 Mar-21-2008 Active Backup Expert Pro 2.0
Win95,98,ME,XP,NT 4.x,2000,2003. A
full-featured backup tool creates automated
zip- or cab-format backups of local and
network files on hard disks, CD, DVD,
Blu-Ray, HD-DVD & other removable devices,
local network or FTP site. Wizard guides
backup-set creation: selecting the folders &
filters for included & excluded files,
specifying the storage folder & setting to
schedule. Once configured, the ABE will
create an unlimited number of backups at
timed moments. Use shortcut or a hotkey to
launch a backup anytime. Use Incremental or
Differential mode to back up only new and
changed files. Easily restore the files from
any backup, view or edit their content.
Export & import features can synchronize the
folders on two or more PCs & span large
backups across multiple discs. Other
features include selecting files by date,
size and attributes, Blowfish backup
encryption, creating self-extracting
backups, more!
ACHEF67.ZIP 9880506 Apr-20-2021 No Description Available
ANSICV22.ZIP 72175 May-15-2007 ANSI-DIGITIZER v2.2 GIF to ANSI converter
Will read in any size GIF and convert it
to standard 320x200x256 VGA mode. Once
the GIF is loaded it is then converted to
(C) Copyright 1991 Compubyte Computers
Shareware, $10 Registration fee.
ANSIREZ1.ZIP 106920 May-15-2007 ANSIrez 1.0 - Converts GIFS to ANSI
code. Image processing allows you
to boost, scale, filter and paint
before converting to ANSI. VGA and
MOUSE required. By Fred Bertagnolli
ASTRAY.ZIP 22156 Feb-19-2008 Replacment for the Asus Tray
for the EEEPC running Windows XP.
This tray lets you specify apps that
need to run at higher res automaticaly.
ATTRMAN.ZIP 958138 Oct-28-2008 Attribute Manager
Platform: Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
Hardware requirements:
32MB RAM, Pentium-166 MHz, 2MB Hard Disk.
The program task is to carry out the attributes
change of a large number of files or folders.
At the managing template process it is possible to
specify necessary changes of file's(folder's)
attributes, date and time.
Home page: http://www.miklsoft.com
BBSF100.ZIP 11693 Jan-23-2009 BBSFINDER.COM Download Client for Windows - v1.00
Programming by Robert Wolfe (wolfe.robwolfe@gmail.com)
Based on wcBASIC Code by Shawn Highfield
This program was compiled without compromise! :D
BGREP.ZIP 128423 May-06-2008 BareGrep - Grep program for Windows.
BRZWIN15.ZIP 1412081 Aug-23-2008 Breeze for Windows v1.5:Complete Text System
BREEZE for Windows is a complete text system
for creating stand-alone Electronic books as
well as for Word Processing. Includes spell
checker, readability analysis, columns,
tables, text justification, truetype fonts,
and much more.
BTAIL.ZIP 113973 May-06-2008 BareTail - Tail program for Windows.
CAL057.ZIP 25956661 Apr-16-2009 Calibre 0.5.7 for Windows
calibre is an e-book library manager.
It can view, convert and catalog e-books
in most of the major e-book formats. It can
also talk to a few e-book reader devices.
It can go out to the internet and fetch metadata
for your books. It can download newspapers and
convert them into e-books for convenient reading.
It is cross platform, running on Linux, Windows and OS X.
CKEYS.ZIP 2664506 Oct-16-2007 Comfort Keys is a new generation shortcut
(hotkey) manager that will help you automate
frequently repeated actions. With Comfort
Keys, you can block keystrokes, replace one
keystroke with another or assign a shortcut
key for any of the following actions: Run a
program; open a document or a folder. Open
one or several Internet resources. Paste
predefined text (phone#, link,address etc.).
Template Manager to quickly paste text and
images. Play a previously recorded keystroke
macro. Open built-in clipboard manager. Show
history to rerun selected program. Show
desktop with shortcut keys. Change language
for the recently typed characters. Change
language for the selected characters. Switch
the language. Many more options! Microsoft
Windows Vista, XP and 2000.
CONFIG.DAT 35 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
CPURM21.ZIP 1214437 May-19-2008 CPU & RAM meter version 2.1
by Mikola Vulkovic Freeware
for Windows.
DAMEK.ZIP 6423541 May-27-2007 DameK Ultrablue theme for
DESKSEAL.ZIP 2963676 Oct-14-2007 E-Lock DeskSeal PLUS v3.5.0. Standards-based
Desktop Digital Signing & Encryption.
Wizard-based utility enables even novice
users to sign & encrypt files of any format
easily, without prior training. Speed up
process, reduce overhead by making process
paperless, comply with the regulations &
secure information by encrypting signed
documents. PKCS#7 compliant. Lightweight
Digital Signing Application, PKCS#7
complaint digital signing & encryption,
Verify files signed using any PKCS#7
compliant application, Multiple signature
support for hierarchical & parallel digital
signing, Supports Embedded Signature in PDF
format, helps make business processes secure
& provide authentication, non-repudiation &
confidentiality for documents, content &
transactions. Requires digital certificate
on your system or a certificate file
(.pfx/.p12) to use in the signing process
$85.00 http://www.elock.com
FAR20B.ZIP 2348458 Dec-20-2010 Far Manager v2.0 build 1666 x86
for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Text mode file and archive manager
- Long file names support
- Reparse point support
- User defined view modes
- File descriptions and highlighting
- User menu, file associations
- FTP client, network browser
- Print Manager
- Task list and control
FCW220.ZIP 274427 Jun-02-2007 File Commander/W v2.20,
Norton Commander(TM) (DOS) clone for Win32
Provides powerful file management functions,
program launch, text viewing and editing
facilities, built in archiver support
Win32 text mode.
FIDOFF.ZIP 28478 Mar-17-2008 FIDOFF is used to filter the WinXP DOS Dir
command output and create a unique Files.BBS
type file (called FILESDB.BBS) in a
specified folder/directory. Creates mirror
file FReqFIDO.Dir in current directory.
Includes Basic source code. by Ben Ritchey
FLYKITE.ZIP 27001866 May-27-2007 FlyaKite Version 2.00
Make your windows XP computer
look like Mac OS X!
GFSPLIT.ZIP 340941 Oct-14-2007 General File Splitter v2.0 General File
Splitter splits a large file into smaller
size files and creates self-joining exe
file. The software supports any types of
files. A huge file (up to 8 EB = 8589934592
GB) is supported. General File Splitter
allows user to split the first N pieces
only. And the output folder can be
customized. The self-joining exe file joins
all splitted pieces and keeps time of
original file.
Copyright (C) 2007 FILE-SPLITTER.NET
GRBAKPRO.ZIP 2134316 Oct-28-2008 GRBackPro: Professional backup for Windows
2K8/Vista/2K3/XP/2K/NT/Me/9x v6.6.x
HEXXIT77.ZIP 313764 Oct-17-2007 The Hex Editor for DOS and Windows
version v7.7a. Allows fast file
editing in a hexidecimal window
environment. Includes VB Pro v1.00
Source Code public domain 2007.
Author: Erik Jon Oredson, AS.
Email: eoredson@gmail.com
Urls: www.filegate.net
Date: 10/15/2007
LMAB100.ZIP 7745 Jan-12-2009 Windows Live Messenger Ad Block version 1.00
Programming by Robert Wolfe (wolfe.robwolfe@gmail.com)
(C)2009 Robert Wolfe, Wolfe & Wolfe Enterprises
NETFOSS1.ZIP 64139 Sep-21-2007 NetFoss 1.0 - Windows Telnet FOSSIL Driver.
High performance 32-bit FOSSIL for Windows
Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT4. Runs DOS BBS
software & doors over Telnet connections or
dialup. Includes the Net2BBS Telnet Server.
Freeware from PC Micro. http://pcmicro.com
NRUN0081.ZIP 78461 Jun-01-2004 .-------------------------------------------.
NetRunner v0.081 Public Beta
------------------------------------------Console mode telnet client for
Windows. Features ANSIBBS and VT102 emulation, batch ZModem, scripting
language, macros, multi phone books, book sorting, mTelnet book inporting,
1000 line scrollback and more! Freeware! www.mysticbbs.com
NYAOS3W.ZIP 235802 Feb-07-2011 Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell
2001-2010 (c) HAYAMA,Kaoru
Windows Version
- Line Editor like tcsh
- File/Commandname Completion fit to Windows Filesystem
- Color-ls
- Commandline history
- Alias
- Cusotomizing key-binding
- Quoting command's output with backquote-mark
- Access from/to clipboard
- Powered by Lua 5.1.4
ONEEKO.ZIP 2299333 Oct-28-2008 Oneeko brings visual content to any
telephone conversation using a very simple
2-button approach that makes sharing your
screen easy and fun. You can invite a guest
and be sharing your screen in a matter of
seconds. Since Oneeko runs 100% in Flash,
your guest will connect instantly through
their browser with no download required.
Oneeko features Intelligent Skype
Integration, allowing you true instant
click-to-collaborate capabilities. When
Oneeko detects Skype in use, it will
discreetly prompt you for a screen sharing
session, offering you a 1-click access to
share content from your PC with a colleague
or customer.
POP3_100.ZIP 12008 Jan-13-2009 POP3 to Text Version 1.00 by Robert Wolfe
Downloads your emails via POP3 protocol and stores each
email message in its own text file. Note that this
program DOES NOT delete your emails from the email
server. For instructions on how to use the program,
just run POP3.EXE without any command line switches.
PRAR371.ZIP 221688 Mar-26-2008 Pocket RAR v3.71 provides support for RAR and
ZIP archives on Pocket PC 2002, Windows
Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0
platforms. This setup will install Pocket
RAR to your Pocket PC and Pocket RAR
documentation to your desktop computer.
Documentation will be available in
"Programs\PocketRAR" submenu of "Start Menu"
on your desktop PC.Pocket RAR is freeware
PRAR38B3.ZIP 278330 Jul-11-2008 Pocket RAR provides support for RAR and ZIP
archives on Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile
2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 platforms. This
setup will install Pocket RAR to your Pocket
PC and Pocket RAR documentation to your
desktop computer. Documentation will be
available in "Programs\PocketRAR" submenu of
"Start Menu" on your desktop PC. Pocket RAR
is freeware. Anyone may use it freely. There
are no license fees associated with the
creation and distribution of RAR archives.
Pocket RAR archiver is distributed as is.
PUTTY-~1.ZIP 2408180 Nov-01-2008 No description!
PUTTY-~2.ZIP 2655514 Nov-01-2008 No description!
Q4G2VGA.ZIP 89459924 Aug-25-2008 Quest for Glory 2
A VGA Animated adventure game
for Windows. LEGAL download,
game is free see:
QM95NT.ZIP 4195163 Mar-08-2009 Qmodem Pro for Windows.
Crack included.
RKL041.ZIP 949225 Feb-19-2008 RK Launcher 0.41 Beta
ROYAL.ZIP 960677 May-27-2007 MSCE Royale 2005 Theme for
Windows XP
RTEL3100.ZIP 1421419 Mar-08-2009 RIPtel Visual Telnet (tm) Version 3.1
Program that allows you to experience
graphics and multimedia over Telnet
connections. RIPtel uses the third
generation of TeleGrafix's Remote
Imaging Protocol(tm) scripting language
(RIPscrip(tm)) online multimedia
technology. Crack included.
SEM156NO.ZIP 693751 Oct-03-2009 ***NO TLS - COMPIELD WINDOWS VERSION ***
SendEmail is a lightweight, completly command line based, SMTP email agent.
If you have the need to send email from the command line, this tool is perfect.
It was designed to be used in bash scripts, Perl programs, and web sites, but
it is also quite useful in many other contexts. SendEmail is written in Perl
and is unique in that it requires NO SPECIAL MODULES. It has an intuitive and
flexible set of command-line options, making it very easy to learn and use.
SEMAW.ZIP 20707 Sep-26-2007 SEMA/Win32 v1.0 by Sean Dennis-this
freeware 32-bit utility for Win32
will create a 0-byte semaphore file
with error checking for use in a BBS
system or any other setup that requires
a semaphore file. SEMA is another fine
Cheepware production! Check out more
freeware Cheepware BBS doors and sysop
utilities at http://outpostbbs.net.
This is the 32-bit Win32 version.
SEMA was released on 19 September 2007.
SETUP-PF.ZIP 1432058 Jun-30-2008 @SwIt Printfil 5.6 Printfil allows printing
from DOS, Unix, Linux, host programs to any
Windows printer, including USB, GDI, network
printers, fax printers and PDF writers,
without changes to the original
applications. You can set your application
to print to an ascii file, or you can let
Printfil capturing one or more parallel
ports (PRN: and from LPT1: to LPT9:),
automatically redirecting your print jobs to
any printer, even to a printer which is
physically connected to the captured port or
if no LPT ports are physically installed on
your PC.
SIM502.ZIP 1528120 Mar-26-2008 Smart Install Maker 5.02 Save time on
software deployment by creating installation
packages in just minutes. Make basic
installations or complex setups with very
little effort. Features: fully customizable
dialogs and backgrounds, uninstall control
and installation feedback, access to
registry keys and INI files. Installation
variables and system requirement control are
not only there, but are a pleasure to use
and a snap to access!InstallBuilders Company
SIMSETUP.ZIP 1532608 Dec-25-2007 Smart Install Maker offers you the best of
two worlds. It is simple to use,
allowing you to create a perfectly usable
installation package in just a few
minutes, yet all the features are there,
making it possible to create
complex installation paths with very little
SM100W32.ZIP 11194 Dec-25-2008 Sendmail for Windows (FREE) v1.00 Alpha
Sends text files via SMTP using your ISP's
SMTP server. This is a free version for
Windows so no registration is required. See
documentation for more info.
SM200W32.ZIP 12534 Mar-06-2009 SendMail v2.00 for Windows by Robert Wolfe
Command line 'sendmail' clone for Windows. Version 2.00
is a rewrite because I lost the source code to the
original release.
SSWITCH.ZIP 29058 Feb-19-2008 Softswitch.
Used for Laptop / UPC to turn
off Wifi, BT, etc quickly and
STING380.ZIP 1928076 Sep-12-2007 McAfee AVERT Stinger v3.8.0 FREEware stand-
alone utility used to Detect and Remove
specific virii (as of Sep 10th '07, original
executable file now named stinger.exe).
See STINGER.TXT for changes. This version
detects & cleans all known variants of (see
Stinger.Txt for details). To Scan & Clean
under Windows (32-bit) just Execute. Windows
ME/XP users should first read DSysRest.Txt,
TAIL4212.ZIP 57704 May-06-2008 Tail for Win32 - a Windows version of the
UNIX 'tail -f' command.
TCCLE.ZIP 3297343 Jul-08-2008 JPSoftware's Take Command Console LE, a
better version of CMD. Enhanced command line
editor with history, filename completion and
cut & paste Built-in screen scrollback
buffer lets you review or print output from
past commands at any time Enhanced Directory
Navigation lets you quickly browse and
change directories Built-in file viewer
includes scrolling, search, and print
TCMD704A.ZIP 2208087 Aug-15-2008 Total Commander v7.04a- 32bit file manager
Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file
manager replacement for Windows. This is the
32-bit version for Windows 95/98/ME and
NT/2000/XP. Total Commander supports
packer, enhanced search, quick view,
drag&drop from & to explorer/desktop, FTP
client , direct access to the Network
Neighborhood, directory history+hotlist,
UUencode/decode, split/combine, compare
files, synchronize dirs, copy and pack in
background, image viewer, parallel port PC
to PC connection, multi-rename tool. ($38)
New in 7.0: Updated user interface, edit in
compare by content, separate tree panel
(optional), cursor in lister, edit names in
multi-rename tool, logging, many more! New
in 7.04: ZIP-encryption (incl. AES)
TSCMD45.ZIP 202569 Dec-25-2007 Command Line Interface (CLI) script
programming tricks from Prof. Timo Salmi
For NT/2000/XP with the CMD.EXE
interpreter. http://www.uwasa.fi/~ts/
UPSSV1R3.ZIP 130139 Sep-08-2008 User Profile Save and SQLite Vacuum ( UPSSV)
for Firefox 3.0
WNMENU68.ZIP 5943558 Jul-08-2008 Windows Explorer Context Menu (.NetComponent) 6.83 Add Items to WindowsExplorer
context menu - fast and easy ? Thenyou need Windows Explorer Context Menu.
This.Net component will add all your customitems to Windows Explorer Shell
context menu- autom
WRAR371.ZIP 1206970 Mar-25-2008 WinRAR archiver 3.71
- complete RAR and ZIP support
- unpacking of CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, UUE,
- GUI and console 32-bit versions
- tight general and multimedia compression
- data recovery record option
- tested to handle over 1 million files
- archive sizes up to 8,589,934 TeraBytes
- support for NTFS security and streams
- industry standard AES encryption
- customizable self-extracting archives
- support for Unicode in file names
WUG100.ZIP 13824 Feb-07-2009 Weather Underground Forecast Grabber for Windows
Version 1.00 by Robert Wolfe (wolfe.robwolfe@gmail.com)
Copyright (c)2009 Robert Wolfe Software. All Rights Reserved.
Support BBS: http://net261.ath.cx
XDIZ003.ZIP 39227 Dec-04-2007
۲ ޲
۰ ۰߱
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߲۰ Yb
۲ ߲

Part of the PcXcess package
XDIZ v0.03b

Grabs FILE_ID's from archives
and updates the files.bbs in the
current directory. File-touch
option, and only files which are
not in the files.bbs already are
processed. Very handy util, FAST!
Z111608.ZIP 450574 Dec-24-2010 Z! by Dink.
This is one of the most full featured mp3 clients for OS/2 that was ever
written. The features and interface are amazing.
This was the newest version I could find on the internet, and am posting it
here so more people can find it and use it.
Z! is a text mode client for OS/2 and Win32. It features a built in shoutcast
server as well.
z.exe -C to configure it.
ZAUG807.ZIP 447735 Jun-25-2008 Z! Text mode MP3 player for OS/2 and
Windows 32. Probably the best MP3
player in the world. Check out

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