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32FISH12.ZIP 80394 Mar-30-1999 32 Fish v1.2 - A new high/low type card game based an old DOS favorite.
Bet that the next card shown is going to be higher or lower than the
face card. (Wc5 WcCode)
Another great WcCode app from :
Carl Tice
WWW/FTP/Telnet us at vacsew.com
A1THETL1.ZIP 149526 Feb-17-2004 THELISTR(R) Ver 1.185 WcCODE 5.0 This is the REGISTED Version.
A Graphical BBS LISTING program for the SYSOP and users. A fully functioanal
program that creates sorted bulletins and HTMLS.
* Back to school we went and you get the benefit.
* Docs done in Microsoft Word for easy viewing.
* One program for both Sysop and User
* Rebuilds Database automatically
* Creats Sorted Listings by Name and Phone #.
* Creates HTML for Listings
* Keeps it's own Data Bases
* Superlative Graphics
* Another fine THE program
* Fully Multi User
* Keeps it's Own Log
* Generates pertinant info to Activity Log
* Single Character Driven
* No Begging Screens
* Fully Functional durring Trial Period
* Build 185 11/23/96
BINGO4U.ZIP 500604 Dec-06-2006 Bingo4U is a Multi-player web based game
very similar to regular Bingo. It runs
with 1 to 20 players to a game and as
many games as your server can handle! It
is highly configurable and draws users to
your site and keeps them coming back!
There are 4 game types: Standard, Corners,
Diagonals, and Black Out. The game has
it's own built in chat, dynamically
generated stats, built in maintenance,
and much more! Players compete for game
cash, experience and game ranking!
CONFIG.DAT 31 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
CYBRWAL.ZIP 6146 May-07-2008 -= Cyber-Wall =- by Clayton Whisman
DTR5017.ZIP 23864 Jun-22-2008 Deep Thought Generator v1.7 - Wc5.0 (WCX 32-bit)
FreeWare - By Carl Tice - vacsew.com
FF600.ZIP 764293 Jul-23-1998 Food Fight II - v6.00 (WC5 WcCode) - 32 bit game for WC5. Can also
now be used as an IGM for WT-LORD!
Check this one out!
The Realm of Vandora
HACKER11.ZIP 243487 Jun-19-2008 HACKERS! for WC5, v1.1
Hackers for WC5, is the best multinode hacking game!
You can Hack Programs, Sell Codes, Visit the Underground,
Crash BBS's, Break into the Bank. And most of all try
to become to TOP HACKER!
HILOW51.ZIP 19646 Apr-03-1996 HI LOW v5.1 (WCX32) - FREE "plug-n-play" card
game for WC5. Can you get all the way thru
without encountering the Joker? If you are
looking to add 32-bit doors to your new 32-
bit BBS, here is a good one to grab. Top 10
scores, definable jokers in pack, random bet
values, and more. Best of all it doesn't
cost you anything!
(c) 1995-96, Gerard C. Johnson & KeySoft.
INETUTIL.ZIP 2794 May-07-2008 Internet programs for WC5.
Finger, Ping, Traceroute
INTHEN~1.ZIP 1121578 Mar-08-2001 InTheNavy is a game similar to Battleship
that plays both on the WEB and in ANSI!
generated top 20 scores and HTMLS!
So it is like TWO games in one! You can
play against the computer, have your
computer play their computer, or you can
play a challenge match! Live updates to
stats! It has many features, twists, and
interesting things to do! In the Navy
requires skill, a sense of adventure, and
a desire to have fun! You start off as a
Lt. Commander and work your way up the
ranks to Fleet Admiral!
LEM12WC5.ZIP 26423 Jan-12-2008 "Lemonade v1.2"
(32-bit) for Wildcat! 5 BBS Platforms
written in wcCode
LOTN4U30.ZIP 242613 Jan-26-2008 LoTN4U - Version 3.0 - Ladies of the Night
for WINS! LoTN4U is an adults only game
with very explicit humor, language and
loads of fun! A most intriguing game that's
easy to play yet involves varying levels of
strategy. Each user is runs their very own
brothel and competes with the other users.
Highly configurable with lots of in game
options and side attractions like blackjack,
anumber guessing game, a lottery and more!
Built in private and public messages.
Tons of options for users, a lot of fun!
Including School for the ladies, sabotage
features, Stock Market, and a Bank that
actually makes loans. Another aspect which
makes this game like NO OTHER, you get to
actually have your own romantic encounters
Behind the Green Door (ala
the movie by the same name) gotta see,
gotta try, gotta buy program!
NAMECHG.ZIP 3187 May-07-2008 NameChange - A wcCode program for the WIN Server
This nifty program changes the users name to
anything they wish, it even has upper and lower
case abilities.
OX32V310.ZIP 1658187 Feb-19-1999 Iron Ox 3.10 32-bit for Wildcat 5!
Finally, the exciting online strategy
game is available in a 32-bit Windows
version just for Wildcat! 5/WINS.
Easy Windows-based configuration
program; ultra-fast client-server
database code is twenty times faster
running multinode. Stop wasting your
32-bit horsepower on 16-bit doors!
OXV310.ZIP 687720 Feb-19-1999 Iron Ox 3.10 -- A New Universe!
Enjoy beautiful RIP art, land
developments like forts and refineries,
programmable drones that fight and work
the land in real time, and much more.
Now with three new drone classes,
factories, and remote IBBS reset.
Don't miss this game!
PSVOTE12.ZIP 134378 Mar-18-1999 PS-Vote 1.2 InterBBS SMTP/DHTML Voting Booth for WINS.
This is the world's first InterBBS via SMTP E-Mail
voting booth program for Wildcat! 5. This program has
all the quality you would expect from Pisces Software.
Users can add booths and vote. Statistics display, results,
list booths. Great looking and easy to use interface.
Comes with a utility to check for new booths at login,
and full sysop controls! This version now has a fully
working Dynamic HTML version so that you can allow your
web surfers to vote and create new booths. You need to
see this program run to believe it. Registration is
extremely cheap and easy. Join our growing network of
WINS BBSs around the country and exchange booths!
Programmed by Mike Christensen (hiawatha@znet.com)
PS_PONG2.ZIP 8992 Mar-30-1999 PS_PONG2.ZIP -=- Pong for Wildcat 5!
THE--------+--------+-----------+[ IN DA ]
o _ __ *U*S*A* ]
+---+ [ 610-623 ]
_____ _____________ [ -1041 ]
SC32_100.ZIP 3441 Oct-06-2008 Safe Cracker/32 v1.00 for WINServer
Programming by Robert Wolfe (1:261/20)
Based on the Linux door by the same
name. wcBASIC source included.
SCR10WC5.ZIP 136720 Jan-12-2008 "Scramble v1.00"
(32-bit) for Wildcat! 5 BBS Platforms.
Unscramble the words for points! 30,000+
dictionary included!
SCRABB~1.ZIP 1246378 Dec-06-2006 Scrabble4U is a Multi-player web based game
very similar to regular Scrabble. It runs
with 2 to 4 players to a game and as
many games as your server can handle! It
is highly configurable and draws users to
your site and keeps them coming back!
The game has dynamically generated stats,
built in maintenance, and much more!
Players compete for game cash, experience
and game ranking!
THEYROFF.ZIP 138428 Mar-26-2000 They're Off is a high action Horse Racing
game, jam packed with features for use on
your WINServer/Wildcat! 5 BBS. This unique
Horse Racing game has over 100 different
horses, UP to 6 furlongs of racing action,
selectable number of laps (2, 4 or 6),
10 horses per race, randomly generated
horses, smooth action, highly configurable
add-ons, Off Track Betting, a lounge with
more games, full controls, and much more!
Scores maintained by Month and All time!
USRRG20U.ZIP 66293 Sep-09-1996 HTML User Registries WC5 wcCode
- Allows your users to create unique
user registries.
- Uses ANSI Terminal client to gather
input from your users.
- Produces both ANSI and HTML output
of each user's registry as well as
ANSI and HTML lists of users who
have filled out their registry.
- Writtin completely in WC5 wcCode.
(C) 1996 Sensational Software and
Evolution Communications, Inc.
VS20WC.ZIP 132433 Jun-15-2002 Vegas Slots v2.0 By Jimmy Rose
The ultimate online slot machine!
Very competitive with high score
tables and realistic payoffs.
Can you become a billionaire and
join the Billionaires' Club?
NEW Atlantis Software Release.
Ported to the A.N.G.E.L. Library.
Windows and Wildcat5 versions
support Internal Telnet!. Dos
version supports Fossil.
WCHEXX12.ZIP 270554 Mar-30-1999 ÖÄ´ HEXX WARS v1.2wc 32 Bit wcCODE ÃÄÄ·
º 32 Bit Version for Wildcat! 5 º
º HEXX WARS is an fun and challenging º
º strategic board game in which you º
º try to conquer the most squares by º
º taking them from your opponent(s). º
º Fully multi-node capable to provide º
º excellent real-time play. Includes º
º a VERY challenging play the computerº
º mode. Mace Software, Inc. $20.00 º
WCOR1_0B.ZIP 9200 Nov-12-2007 THE MAGIC ORACLE Beta- A freeware magic
oracle (a la the Magic 8 Ball(tm))
that will help you and your users
solve the mysteries of the universe!
Will only work with Winserver software!
Extremely simple to set up and use.
Another Realms-Online production!
(C) 2000 Frank Rauhuff
WCQQ50.ZIP 10245 Feb-27-1996 wcQQ 5.0 (WCX32) - FREE wcQuick Quotes for
Wildcat! v5 systems. Fantastic incentive for
users to enter short quotes or funnies that
will be saved and displayed to others. Some
of the features include:
- Automatic Language checking (vulgar words)
- Add initials automatically or be anonymous
- Quotes are randomly colorized
- Setup in 3< minutes with Zero maintenance
- Quick 32-bit WCX for your 32-bit BBS/OS
- best of all - IT'S FREE!
(c) 1994-96, Gerard C. Johnson & KeySoft.
WCWHOIS.ZIP 8718 Feb-17-2004 wcWhoIs is a 32-bit wcCode Winsock application which performs a
"real time" whois search against InterNIC's whois database and
returns the results in a display file available for download.
WINCHT13.ZIP 18749 Apr-11-1997 Windowed Chat v1.3 wcCode for Wildcat! 5 Unique Chat Alternative!
This program offers you a unique Windowed sysop-user chat. It will
display your chat session in a Window, centered on the screen from
anywhere on your BBS. All conversations are recorded in a node-
specific log file for viewing offline later if desired. Your users
will love it!
Crazy Larry's Online Art 24-hour Support BBS: 503-357-2710 USR v34
WWW: http://www.europa.com/~cloa E-Mail: cloa@europa.com
WWST300.ZIP 349433 Feb-11-2002 Wild Wild West v3.00 - Wc5.0 - An RPG game from Vandora Software,
and Janet Terry, proud owners of some great IGMS for WTLORD.
IGM List:
Blackwing's Cove
The Jeweler
Ask Clinton
In Wild Wild West there are Caves, Canyons, Hills, Trails, and Mines
to explore. Find the gold, fall in love, and much more!
Creator/Author: Carl Tice
Current owner - Janet Terry
Just My Best
Vandora Software
Programmer/Owner Janet Terry
Phone (937)748-8818
http/ftp/telnet - justmybest.com

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