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File Area (00032) : OS/2 Utilities

4DESY140.ZIP 103593 Jun-02-2007 4Desy/2 v1.40
a comfortable fullscreen editor for
4OS2 filedescriptions stored in
4DIZZY96.ZIP 56011 Jun-02-2007 4Dizzy 0.96b
4Dizzy is the widely-acclaimed
archive processor for both OS/2 and
DOS. It's used to import file_id.diz
information into 4dos/4os2 descriptions
ACDATASK.ZIP 170315 Dec-05-2008 ACDataSeeker version 0.50 beta.
A multithreaded text and file finder
for the OS/2 presentation manager.
ACDSEEK.ZIP 59659 Sep-01-2008 ACDataSeeker version 0.47 beta.
A multithreaded text and file finder
for the OS/2 presentation manager.
ARC521_2.ZIP 165349 Nov-18-2007 This is the ARC archiving utility in a version
for MS-DOS and OS/2.
BASELOUT.ZIP 48683 May-24-2007 Baselayout.zip - Some *nix ports to OS/2
by Netlabs require this.
BLACK103.ZIP 317456 Sep-07-2008 DPMS (Green) monitor screen saver. Monitor
off after some time of inactivity. SPECIAL
VERSIONS for ATI X300 and Geode. Req: ATI
X300/Geode or compatible graphic adapter,
CURLFE2.ZIP 3312 Nov-20-2008 Curl Front-end in REXX snags images and
MP3s. A useful experiment in HTML and Curl.
Just paste in url for web page, will
download linked objects. Version 2: expands
some shortened urls. Runs on: any OS/2 able
to run curl Req: CURL, lib063
DFSEE911.ZIP 5832114 Sep-01-2008 FDISK partitioning filesystem
display/analysis/fixing PTEdit,
partition-tables, bootsectors & LVM sectors
Includes a powerful interactive HEX/ASCII
sector edit Handles
Fast CLONING & IMAGING of whole disks or
partitions Check & display allocation
integrity of filesystems Reset bad-sector
administration for FAT, NTFS & HPF Finds
data on disk, identify the file it belongs
NTFS. Smart partition/disk-level image/clone
for most filesystems RESIZE/EXPAND for
HPFS/NTFS/FAT; Clear FS freespace. MOVE of
partitions within freespace/to other
freespac Scripting for automated analysis &
recovery tasks. Includes menu-driven UI
context-sensitive help & mouse support in
the DOS, OS2 & Windows version
DFSEE913.ZIP 5846857 Dec-05-2008 DFSee 9.13 FDISK, display & analysis.
DOS32, OS2, Win-NT and Linux version.
Shows partition-tables and bootsectors.
Collects UNFDISK type recovery info.
Displays HPFS/NTFS/FAT/JFS/EXT2/3 and
some ReiserFS, XFS and HFS structures.
Check allocation integrity and display.
Allocation maps for disks and partitions
Fast CLONING and IMAGING of disks and
partitions. CHKDSK, UNDELETE/recovery
functions for HPFS, JFS and NTFS.
Limited RESIZE on FAT, HPFS and NTFS.
MOVE or COPY any filesystem incl JFS.
Now with a user-friendly menusystem!
Includes HEX sector editor/disassembler
(c) 2008 Jan van Wijk - Fsys Software
Release Date - October 11, 2008
FIREFO~1.ZIP 101434 Sep-17-2007 No description!
FM2-3-14.ZIP 2286346 Nov-20-2008 Mark Kimes FM/2 File Manager 3.14.0 The
package contains a warpin package for
installing FM2. The FM2 source code is
available on netlabs. Program Source:
http://svn.netlabs.org/fm2 Runs on: OS/2
Warp 3.0 and up.
FTPD.ZIP 1550807 May-24-2007 Hethmon Brothers Ftpd. A FTP daemon for OS/2.
FTPS130.ZIP 666346 Jan-02-2008 FtpServer: an FTP daemon for OS/2.
Lets you control which drives and
directories the users are allowed to
see. Also has controls on which IP
addresses a client is allowed to
connect from.
FTPSR132.ZIP 673378 Oct-09-2008 FtpServer: an FTP daemon for OS/2.
Lets you control which drives and
directories the users are allowed to
see. Also has controls on which IP
addresses a client is allowed to
connect from.
IJFIRE14.ZIP 1502526 Jun-23-2007 浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
InJoy Firewall for OS/2
Visit: http://www.fx.dk/firewall
Designed with Cable Modems and LAN-2-LAN
connections in mind, the InJoy Firewall is
a complete Internet Gateway, Firewall and
IPSec VPN gateway/client in one.

With minimal effort, you can safely and
reliably share an Internet connection among
multiple work stations.

Support for PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) adds
connectivity to industry leading ISP's.

Support of the IPSec technology provides
capability of building VPN's and secure
channels to other major vendors in the
market or to other InJoy products.

The Firewall operates beneath the routing
layer on "raw" packets and totally out-
performs application oriented proxies.

FEATURES: IPSec; PPPoE; Superior performance
NDIS Protocol Engine; RFC 1631-NAT support;
Direct Internet Access for your LAN PC's;
Packet Filtering; Traffic Accounting, Port
Redirection; Rule Based Access Control;
Identd support; No reconfiguration of
software; Great step-by-step docs; YK2; PM
& text GUI; DHCP support; On-the-fly updates

Quality Software by F/X Communications
sales@fx.dk - http://www.fx.dk
IPSP103A.ZIP 93284 Dec-05-2008 This spooler supports printing using the
'raw' print spooling mechanism, on port 9100
for example. * Supports multiple ip spool
ports. * Creates and deletes printer ports
using command line options. * Inbuilt
Traffic monitor and popup spooler messages.
* Provides error file logging for more
information when things go wrong. *
Postscript prefilter to remove header
information that makes some printers stall.
KSHELL70.ZIP 97891 Oct-11-2008 KShell v0.7.0. Replacement of VIO window.
Enable DBCS Input/Output on VIO window on
non-DBCS OS/2. Support scroll-back. Support
clipboard(unicode). Support FT2LIB.
LOOK231.ZIP 118223 Feb-04-1997 (v3.1) LOOK2 - OS/2 Directory/File Viewer.
Full-screen utility to view and manipulate
dirs and files. Unique convenient directory
history for easy travel between directories.
Mark, move, delete, touch, search, sort,
archive viewing, hex mode, group marking,
and more. Very friendly and customizable.
Shareware (US$ 30. credit cards accepted)
BMT Micro, Inc. http://www.bmtmicro.com
MKMSGF.ZIP 43164 Sep-01-2008 Make Message File Utility (MKMSGF) Clone I
was playing with mkmsg output and came up
with this in the process. It doesn't
support DBCS and might have some bugs but
does work. Source is included to compile
with Open Watcom.
NYTS207.ZIP 51833 May-22-2007 No description!
ORC100.ZIP 80063 Sep-13-2007 'ObjectReCreator' v1.00 - Easy-to-use PM program to restore lost
desktop objects. All standard WPS desktop objects from INI.RC can
be recreated while any current settings will be preserved. Freeware.
OS2MTALL.ZIP 680992 Aug-15-2007 OS2MT - Will automatically keep your os/2 system
current and updated.
OUP10.ZIP 33109 May-13-2002 os/2 utility pack v1.00!
process lister (ps.exe)
process kill (kill.exe)
socket lister (sock.exe)
socket kill(soclose.exe)
[ freeware by dink!! ]
PFTPD108.ZIP 118527 May-24-2007 Penguin FTPD for OS/2.
PM Mode, easy to configure!
PMCRON03.ZIP 425990 May-22-2007 No description!
RAMFS64.ZIP 98891 May-13-2002 This RAMFS returns
64 MB as free space
RARX371.ZIP 663787 Mar-25-2008 RAR v3.71 32-bit RAR version for DOS and
strongly recommend to use the native Win32
console rar.exe from WinRAR package under
Windows. It is more reliable and has better
performance in Win32 environment.
REEN_088.ZIP 166033 Sep-08-2008 Batch renaming a group of files. The utility
is intended to simplify process of renaming
or copying a group of files. The basic
purpose of the program to order archives of
files using batch operations. For formation
of names of files can use the information
from EXIF, Vorbis Comment and ID3v1,
ID3v1.1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4 tags.
Comes in English, French, Russian, German,
Swedish languages. Req: WarpIN 1.0.15
installer, vrobj21d.zip, rxuls_052.zip
(optional), NConvert (optional).
RLNX371.ZIP 777985 Mar-25-2008 RAR archiver 3.71 for Unix
- tight general and multimedia compression
- data recovery record option, encryption
- storing file owner and group information
- free 32-bit unRAR utility
ROBO_215.ZIP 1109838 Jul-06-2007 RoboJob V 2.15 (C) Benno Sauer 1996, 1997
Welcome to the world of automated jobs!
SB325RC3.ZIP 21987095 May-24-2007 Samba 3.0.35.rc3-os2-04-19-2007
This is a samba server for OS/2.
Requires baselayout.zip
SEARCHPL.ZIP 1797260 Sep-07-2008 Search criteria can include contents, file
size, file date, attributes. Results may be
sorted on date, filesize etc. Actions on
files found include edit, open, delete,
copy, move, execute. All actions also
avialble for files within a zip archive.
Multi-lingual support. Req: alaunch.exe
SEMAP.ZIP 20246 Sep-26-2007 SEMA/2 v1.0 by Sean Dennis-this freeware
32-bit utility for OS/2 will create
a 0-byte semaphore file with error
checking for use in a BBS system or
or any other setup that requires a
semaphore file. SEMA is another fine
Cheepware production! Check out more
freeware Cheepware BBS doors and sysop
utilities at http://outpostbbs.net.
This is the 32-bit OS/2 version.
SEMA was released on 19 September 2007.
SPACEHOG.ZIP 28628 Sep-16-2007 Hide disk space above 2Gb to avoid neg.
freespace. For OS/2
SYSB094A.ZIP 505413 Jul-06-2007 This is a freeware benchmark for OS/2.
Like all such benchmark programs, its
results can be read in many ways.
TCOS203B.ZIP 664249 Jun-02-2007 Take Command for OS/2 v2.03
TSCH114F.ZIP 48196 May-16-2007 Schedule v1.1.4 vom 31.01.1998, 32 Bit multithreaded Textmode Scheduler fr
OS/2 2.x und Warp mit remote Steuerung (FREEWARE)
TXT2HTML.ZIP 85345 Oct-05-1998 Plain text to HTML converter
txt2html 1.5.
Textmode and PM version. FREEWARE.
UNISCH1A.ZIP 224216 Aug-09-1999 ---- THE UNIVERSAL SCHEDULER 1.0a GA ----
Unisched is a fully Y2K compliant,
Fidonet optimized scheduler software OS/2
and DOS environments. It is designed to
be a frontend for a separate tosser task
in a multitasking environment. English
and German Documentation. Uncrippled
Shareware. Registration is 12 US-$.
Unisched ist ein Jahr 2000 fhiger
Scheduler, der speziell als Frontend fuer
den Tossertask eines Fidonodes konzipiert
wurde. UniSched reagiert auf Ereignisse
(Zeitgesteuerte Events, Sempahore ge-
funden, Mail eingegangen, ...) mit
Aktionen (Programm/Batch/Skript aus-
fuehren, mit Errorlevel aussteigen, Poll
im Binkley-Outbound generieren, u.v.m.).
Englische und Deutsche Dokumentation.
-------- OS/2 u. DOS Executables --------
Shareware EUR 12, (C) '99 by Tobias Ernst
WALIZ201.ZIP 888109 May-28-2007 Webalizer 2.01 for OS/2
Binary version
WEASEL~1.ZIP 689483 May-22-2007 Weasel: a POP3 and SMTP daemon for
OS/2. Includes controls on who may
send relay mail, and includes a way
of blocking mail from specified hosts.
WEBMAIL2.ZIP 11234736 May-22-2007 No description!
WMAILB~1.ZIP 966543 May-22-2007 -==== WebMail/2 beta 102 ====-
Allows users to read their
email via a web browser.
Supports 3rd party programs
like Weasel, IPS, Inet.Mail
Inet.MailPro, OS2PopS, ZxMail,
and generic POP3 servers.
WUFTPD~1.ZIP 353539 May-24-2007 WUFTPD Ported to OS/2 from Unix.
Requires the EMX runtime
ZTL171.ZIP 5242 Dec-04-2007 ZTL 1.71; OS/2 Archive Conversion Program.
Converts any archive to any other archive
format. Allows for scanning, filtering, and
will even update FILES.BBS for max sysops.

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