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AMC0993.ZIP 260510 Jun-30-2004 AMC/Linux beta release 0.99.3- AUTOMATIC MESSAGE CREATOR -A program to post
messages automati-cally to Fidonet (or networks usingFidonet technology) by
means of theMBSE BBS/mailer, or to Internet viathe sendmail command.May also be
used as a robo
CONFIG.DAT 32 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
DOORL093.ZIP 52076 Dec-20-2003 -= Door library v0.9.3 for Unix =-This is a general door library for native
Unixdoors. This library supports the DOS formatteddoor.sys file.OS: GNU/Linux,
NetBSD and FreeBSD.Originating sites 2:280/2802@fidonet
MBSE0920.ZIP 2390345 Oct-19-2007 MBSE 0.92.0 Stable Oct 16 2007
Possibily the best BBS software
for *nix.
NUDOO090.ZIP 43678 Feb-22-2003 -= Next User door v0.9.0 for Unix =-Next User door is a native Unix door for
Unixbbs systems. This door allows a user to writea message, this message is
saved as ANSI andASCII textfiles that can be seen by every nextuser that logs
into your bbs.Ne
SAFED090.ZIP 46634 Feb-22-2003 -= Safe Cracker door v0.9.0 for Unix =-Safe Cracker door is a native Unix door
forUnix bbs systems. In this little game the userneeds to crack a safe
combination. The safecombination can be configured manually orcreated at
random. You can make a priz
TTD_202.ZIP 161652 Aug-27-2003 TetraDraw 2.0.1 by ttb (aka John McCutchan)All source code is licensed under
the GPL.All artwork is owned by the artists.How to get started:alt-h in
TetraDraw for helpFor more detailed documentation:docs/td2.docHowto

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