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Copyright CenturyP Software. v3.00

File Area (00020) : DOS Utils

A2A-15.ZIP 7119 Jul-15-2008 ANS-2-ASC v1.5 Converts ANSi files to .ASC -
iles by translating ANSi codes to Renegade's .
: pipe color system (x). Saves disk space by :
. eliminating the need of .ANS & .AVT! [3-03-94] ---- ---
-- ------dq.
ADCUT01.ZIP 95117 Jul-30-1998 -======================-
Advert Cutter/2 v0.1
by sehh
Removes adverts/lines
from file_id.diz files
ADF_150.ZIP 28649 Jan-28-2010 ADF v1.50 serial port FOSSIL driver
ADF is a serial port FOSSIL driver for high
speed modem users. Supports FIFO UARTs 16550,
16650 and 16750, 115200 bps, any port, any
IRQ, any FIFO trigger level, FOSSIL rev level
5 and multitasking environments (such as
Windows 3, Windows 95 and OS/2).
ADRAW125.ZIP 82902 May-03-2008 ACiDDraw v1.25r ANSI Editor for DOS -
The ultimate drawing utility which allows
creation and manipulation of ANSI/ASCII
images. ACiDDraw now supports a myriad
of save formats including ANSI, ASCII,
Pascal, C, Asm, COM, BIN, and PCBoard.
Also featured is up to four simultaneous
editing pages at 1000 lines each, 160-
column editing mode, VGA previewing,
text justification, and much, much more.
Over 1 million copies distributed.
Uncrippled Shareware.

Copyright 1994-1999 ACiD Productions(tm)
All rights reserved.
ANS2ASC1.ZIP 21826 Jul-15-2008 --== ANS2ASC ==-- by Nor'Easter Software.
Converts ANSI graphic files into Renegade .ASC
format. Version 1.0
BREEZE56.ZIP 317510 Aug-23-2008 Breeze v5.6: Word processor/Text editor
BREEZE is an easy to use word processor/text
editor that does everything you ever wanted
of a text processing program, with pop-up
hypertext help, multi-menu environment, make
electronic books, multi-edit, clipboard,
spell checker, print spooling, calculator,
text readability, sorting, columns, full
block operations, fast formatting, many
print options. And much more.
CN_TUT-4.ZIP 6971 Dec-04-2007 Small program for dos that lets you
view a file_id.diz in an archive
from the dos prompt. Includes pascal
source code.
CSDPMI5B.ZIP 54736 Sep-27-2007 CWSDPMI was written to provide
DPMI services for V2 of DJGPP.
DAY911-1.ZIP 714273 Jan-08-1998
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
1 of 6 - January and February
Revised December 29, 1997
Includes Newday 4.9
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DAY911-2.ZIP 865771 Jan-08-1998
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
2 of 6 - March and April
Revised December 29, 1997
Includes Today 3.7
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DAY911-3.ZIP 615278 Jan-08-1998
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
3 of 6 - May and June
Revised December 29, 1997
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DAY911-4.ZIP 572077 Jan-08-1998
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
4 of 6 - July and August
Revised December 29, 1997
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DAY911-5.ZIP 603353 Dec-29-1997
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
5 of 6 - September and October
Revised December 29, 1997
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DAY911-6.ZIP 601088 Dec-29-1997
This Date in History version 9.11
A comprehensive list of Births, Deaths,
Holidays & Event for any day.
6 of 6 - November and December
Revised December 29, 1997
By Bruce T. Goldman-Use with NEWDAY49.ZIP

DEF3FP.ZIP 9126583 Jan-11-2008 Anti-Virus Definition Updates for F-Prot,
F-Secure & FSAV v4.03 or greater. Latest
Signature and Macro Defs from Frisk.
from ftp://ftp.f-prot.com/pub/
DIZMAN12.ZIP 63990 Dec-04-2007 DizMan v1.20 - The Description Manager!
***** DizMan v1.20 *****
DizMan can import "FILE_ID.DIZ" to
your board. Working with all BBS's
with FILES.BBS! Works with ARC/ARJ/
Dizman also describes BMP/GIF/JPG/
NST/S3M/SD4/STM/STS/669!!! You can
define additional formats & packers.
DIZPRO16.ZIP 111164 Dec-04-2007 DizIt PRO v1.6 - Description Importer
Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files
with local uploads, use DizIt Pro to automate
the process! Snoops through files quickly for
FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and imports them.
This is the most full featured program of
it's type. Includes file age limits, random
file import selection, duplicate file in
directory or PCB index files, virus scan, use
as upload verification and much more.
DIZVUE21.ZIP 73365 Dec-04-2007 DIZVIEW 2.1-Catalog all of your ZIP files!
Ever wonder just what all those ZIP files
were? Now you can look at them without
opening every one of them manually! DIZVIEW
will gather all of the FILE_ID.DIZ files from
archives in a directory and put them in a
menu to view by files or by subdirectory. Now
you can catalog all of your directories.
Now you can use command line parameters and
create a custom FILES.BBS file for your BBS!!
DIZZY1.ZIP 12377 Dec-04-2007 DIZZY v1.0 - Scans ZIP files and compiles
a list of descriptions. Much faster than
extracting the whole file to see what they
are even if you have unzipping programs
for windows. Great time saver!
DMPEXE23.ZIP 53644 Dec-04-2007 The OBSESSiON EXE-Dumper, version 2.3 [1/1]

This program can unpack ANY exepacked file.
It means that a file packed with an unknown
exepacker, can be expanded to it's original
size and format. This is a MUST for all you
crackers & patchers out there. Supports the
following debuggers : Soft-Ice, GameTools &
Turbo Debugger. Remember this is *CARDWARE*

Now with SoftICE for windows support, PSP-
validation level, rasterbar/textmodebar,
support for TD 4 & 5 and much much more.


DN151.ZIP 708194 Dec-04-2007 DOS NAVIGATOR 1.51 FREEWARE

۳ ۳
۳ ۳
۳ ۳ ۳
۳ ۳ ۳
۳ ۳
۳ ۳

The best OS Shell a Man can get
DN151SRC.ZIP 850619 Dec-04-2007 Dos Navigator 1.51 sources [official]
DOZIP150.ZIP 35736 Dec-04-2007 .[ QZip & DoZIP! v1.50 ].

Fastest ZIP Processors around!
CommandLine & Online version
Quick Stripping of Unwanted Files
Quick Info Adding (as FileNames!)
Nice Layout for Online Processing
QZip To be Used with DOS
DoZIP! is for RA 2.xx & FDL v5.xx
Ofcourse made by Synopsis

Release Date: 03 - 02 - 1996
[1;30m[0;37m[1m [0;36mEOH [1;37m[0m[1;30m
DV386_3J.ZIP 97125 Dec-09-2014 DASD Vision {tm} x86 v3.J is a Disk & File
Maintenance package for MS-DOS (v5/6/7/8.x)
environments. The main program is an Inter-
active (light-bar type) File Manager. Direc-
tory structure is shown AS IS with ALL Files
and Attributes indicated. Options for Sort-
ing, repetitive Executions, Command Recall,
Online Help, DASD Allocations, etc. PD Free-
ware compatible with Wins 3/9x/NT/XP, OS/2
& DOSEmu v0.98+ ... Ben aka cMech
EBS-GI20.ZIP 13491 Dec-04-2007

El Bucanero Soft Presents
Get File_Id v2.0
Unlimited Files & Directories
Also Support GIF/JPG/TIF/BMP
Easy to use
FREEWARE! Download it NOW!

EDIZ-1.ZIP 19477 Dec-04-2007 EDIZ v1.0: Allows to extract the FILE_ID.DIZ
from ANY archive
ELYEDIT4.ZIP 32022 May-03-2008 +------------------------------------------+
Elysium Software's ElyEdit version 4.00 +--- -- - - - - - - - -
-- ---+
An easy to use menu editor that supports SANSI, Pipe, Telegard, Wildcat!,
ASCII, PCBoard, Sync and Adept.
F-PROT.ZIP 4804455 Aug-19-2007 F-Prot for DOS.
FACT132.ZIP 54692 Dec-04-2007 FACT 1.32 - Freeware Archive Conversion Tool.
Small and easy to use, yet is still powerful,
thorough & user-expandable. With .PAS source.
Copyright (c) 1997 [4 Apr.], DDA/ Reign Ware.
Now supports Info-ZIP; tweaked Win95 support.
FDSZ.ZIP 36228 Sep-21-2007 FDSZ.EXE (Prototype) FOSSIL flavor of DSZ.EXE
FME80316.ZIP 915238 Nov-11-2008 No Description Available
FP-DEF.ZIP 7512955 Aug-19-2007 anti virus def files for F-Prot for DOS
FUEL21.ZIP 170811 Apr-22-2017 [0;40;37m
[33m [1;36m[42m[46m[0;36m [1;33mfuel #21 [0;33m- [1mapril 2017
[0;33m[1m [0;33m
[36m[47m[0;36m [1m[46m[0;36m[1m[46m[0;36m [1m[46m[0;36m
[1m[42m[46m[0;36m [1m[46m[0;36m [1;33m [0;33m[1m[37m[33m
[1;30m[46;36m[0;36m [1;30m [46;36m[0;36m[1;47m[0;36m
[1;30m[46;36m[0;36m[1;46m[40;30m [36m[0;36m[1;30m[46;36m[0;36m
[1;30m [0;33m[1m [0;33m[1;37m[33m [0;33m[1;43;31m[40m [33m
[36m[46m[0;36m [1m[46m[0;36m [1;42m[0;36m [1m[0;36m
[1m[46m[0;36m[1m[46m[0;36m [1;46m[0;36m [33m
[1;31m[43m[40m[47m[40m [0;33m
[1;36m[46m[0;36m[1;46m[0;36m [1;46m[0;46;32m[40;36m
;36m [1m[46m[0;36m [1;43;33m[40m [0;33m[1;31m [43m[40m [0;33m߱
[1;46;36m[0;36m [1;30m[47m[40m [0;36m߲[1;46m[0;36m
[1m[46m[0;36mܰ[1m[46m[0;36m۲[1;46m[0;36m [1;33m[43m[40m
[31m[43m[40m [33m[0;33m
[1;30m [0;33m[1;37m[33m[31m[47m[40m[43m[40m [43;33m[40m
40m[33m[37m[33m[43m[40m [31m[43m[40m[43m[40m [0;33m[1m
[47;30m[0m۲ ߲[1;30m [33m[43m[37m[33m[40m [0;33m
[1;31m߲ [0;33m[1m
[0m [1;30m[47m[40m [0;33m [1;30m [0m߲
[33m[1m[43m[40m[43m[40m [0;33m[1;31m[43m[0;33m
[37m [1;30m [33m[0;33m [1m[43m[0;33m [1;30m [0m
[33m[1;31m[0;33m [1;43m[0;33m
[1;31m [47;30m[40m [33m[43m[0;33m
[1;46m[40m[43m[0;33m[37m[1;30m [0;33m[1;31m[0;33m [43m
[30m [33m[46m[43m߰[0;33m [1m[43m[0;33m [1m[43m[0;33m[37m޲
[1;30m [0;33m[1;31m۲[
GETDIZ12.ZIP 13341 Dec-04-2007 GETDIZ v1.2 Freeware FILE_ID.DIZ extractor.
Creates FILES.BBS. Supports
ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ARC/RAR. Fast & easy to use
GETDIZ30.ZIP 459389 Dec-04-2007 GetDiz 3.0
small and handy text viewer
freeware by
Outer Technologies
GOPGP120.ZIP 107519 Jul-20-2009 GOPGP! Version 1.20 for DOS, OS/2, and
Win32. This is a PGP Front-End, tagline
and signature manager for use with off-
line mail readers under DOS, Win32, and
OS/2. Signature support, Sign, Encrypt,
Decrypt, and Encrypt & Sign messages.
UUEn/Decode files, Autodetect encrypted
messages, and no command-lines to mess
with! Easy to use and simple to set-up.
FREEWARE, by Stewart Honsberger.
GSZ.ZIP 113651 Sep-21-2007 DSZ.EXE/GSZ.EXE May 25 97 ZMODEM-90(Tm) Protocol Driver
Classic stand-alone shareware that sends or
receives files using ZMODEM-90(Tm) with
compression, MobyTurbo(Tm) acceleration,
advanced file management, Intelligent Crash
Recovery(Tm). 32-bit end-to-end data
integrity over modems, satellites, and
networks. Faster ZMODEM than other progs.
XMODEM and True YMODEM(Tm) included.
IMPURE62.ZIP 80494 Sep-02-2016 xz //\___ _ //\____ #62
,___\___/__,__/ \ ____,___\ /__,
_) (_) \/ (_) \__ (_
/_____ / /_____/ /_____/\
\\\\\/_____/_____/ \\\\/_____/ \\\\\\/
i M P U R E ! a S C I I 1 9 4 O
0-3 day warez from your favourite
ascii group.
+---------------------[ O2/O9/2O16 ]---+
IMPURE63.ZIP 72527 Jan-03-2017 [0;40;37m[16C_/(___
:::::::::::: \_ _/ ::::::::::::
[17C [7C___ ___ 7C____
[5C__\_/__\ \ .____ ____ /_pO!
_\[5C\ \/ /__\ / \
/[6C//____/[6C\ /____//
[17C. .
iMPURE!4o [17C # O 6 3
::::::::::::: \_ _/ ::::::::::::
We twa hae run about the braes,
and pou'd the gowans fine;
IMPURE65.ZIP 779257 Jun-26-2017 [0;40;37m[7C__ ____ ___ _ __ ____ ___
_____ _ \ _ __ :\ \/ / /_____
: : !__!____!__!_____!____!___! :
:[5CIMPURE!ASCII 1940 #65[6C :[32C :[5Cmed blommor i hret[8C __ och snus
under lppen ____ _ /___ _ _ ______________\
/_____________________ _ _[5Cx0
MACRDEF2.ZIP 259037 Aug-19-2007 macro def files for F-Prot for DOS
MORUTL56.ZIP 5614075 Oct-30-2007 The Set Of More DOS Utilities. v56.0a.
Includes PDS v7.10/VB Pro v1.00 Public
Domain BASIC source code 1995-2007.
Author: Erik Jon Oredson, AS. CSci
Email: eoredson@gmail.com
Urls: www.filegate.net www.simtel.net
Publish: 10/10/2007
NCAV47.ZIP 145431 Dec-04-2007 AVIEW V4.7, 13-Aug-94 (Non-Beta!),
The Norton Commander Archive Viewer.
A small utility to manipulate ARC,
ZIP and ZOO files, lots of options,
can be fully mouse-operated, very
easy to use, can also be used as
stand-alone utility. *FREEWARE*
Copyright (C) 1994 Chris Buijs.
NNANS193.ZIP 67070 Nov-09-2007 NNANSI.COM-- Enhanced MS-DOS ANSI Console Driver
For EGA/VGA Displays
PCI-F211.ZIP 157781 Dec-04-2007 ܱ۲
۲ ۱ ޱ
޲ ܰ۰ ۲ rssl
۱ ۰۱ ܲ ۱ ۱
۲ ۲ ޲
۲ ۱۲
߲ ++ pRESETNs ++
FID v2.11 Cardware

File_id.diz extractor
Support 36 packer (ACE,AIN,ARC,ARI,ARJ,
13 music (669,AMF,DMF,FAR,MID,MTM,MOD,
+ AIR,CO,HTML,PS format.
75+ options for the best performance
PCW255.ZIP 192837 Dec-09-2014 No Description Available
PEDIT.ZIP 337060 Aug-20-2012 PEDIT 4.00 - short for Program Editor,
is similar to the DOS EDIT program, but
more powerful, and with many additional
features for programmers. It includes
pop-up tables, column support, macro
key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows
applications, long filenames, word wrap,
spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support,
and much more. Freeware.
(C)1995-1999 by Goldshell Digital Media.
QTXT100.ZIP 21670 Sep-17-2010 QTXT v1.00 - DOS Utility: Converts .QWK
packets to text files. Freeware (c) 1995
[95/02/24] by DDA - Reign Ware. W/.PAS src
\\-^m o n t e r e y b b s . c o m^-//
READ115C.ZIP 116043 Dec-04-2007 [ Read 115C <> Display & View Files ]Ŀ
Display Directories and View Files. Copy,
Move, Rename and Delete Files. Create,
Remove & Rename Directories. Search for a
Keyword in a file or Paste portions of a
file. Edit files & Manage Zip, Lzh & Arj
files. Excellent for BBS and Internet
use! Read Maximizes memory to RUN files.

REPLACE2.ZIP 3508 Dec-02-2007 REPLACE Version 2.01.15 1987-88(C) Gene
Garapic (1:157/502). Comes AS-IS with
no warranty. May be freely distributed.
Command line syntax is:
REPLACE [filename] [find] [replace]
Features: replace using ASCCII codes,
quoted characters, work in column mode,
pad with character mode, expand tabs.
Orginal file is renamed with as ".BAK".
New file takes on the name of original.
RIPAINT.ZIP 2192648 Jun-09-2011 RIPaint v1.53.00
June 12, 1993
RMDUPFIL.ZIP 20513309 Oct-31-2008 Remove Duplicate Files - easily? Then you need automatic
Duplicate File Remover. With such powerful Duplicate Remover
as Remove Duplicate Files Easily, all your files, music, songs,
photos and pictures will be cleared from duplicates.
RMW095.ZIP 15031 Oct-30-2008 rmw v0.95Bash script - ReMove to WasteAuthor: Andy
Althttp://mentaldimensions.wordpress.com/October 29, 2008License: GPLrmw stands
for ReMove to Waste. This is abash script that will move files to a Wastefolder
when using the rm command. rmwappen
RMW0951.ZIP 15109 Nov-01-2008 rmw v0.95.1Bash script - ReMove to WasteAuthor: Andy
Althttp://sourceforge.net/projects/rmw/October 31, 2008License: GPLrmw stands
for ReMove to Waste. This is abash script that will move files to a Wastefolder
when using the rm command. rmwappen
RMW096.ZIP 15443 Nov-02-2008 rmw v0.96Bash script - ReMove to WasteAuthor: Andy
Althttp://sourceforge.net/projects/rmw/November 1, 2008License: GPLrmw stands
for ReMove to Waste. This is abash script that will move files to a Wastefolder
when using the rm command. rmwappends
RTEL3100.ZIP 1412813 Sep-21-2007 RIPtel Visual Telnet (tm) Version 3.1
Program that allows you to experience
graphics and multimedia over Telnet
connections. RIPtel uses the third
generation of TeleGrafix's Remote
Imaging Protocol(tm) scripting language
(RIPscrip(tm)) online multimedia
technology. Evaluation version 60 days.
Registration cost $ 24.95
SAFERM03.ZIP 15616 Oct-30-2008 safe-rm-0.3 - License:
GPLhttp://www.safe-rm.org.nz/http://code.google.com/p/safe-rmSafe-rm is a tool
intended to prevent theaccidental deletion of important files byreplacing
/bin/rm with a wrapper, whichchecks the given arguments against aconfigu
SDAT5144.ZIP 22500241 Oct-20-2007 McAfee (NAI.Com) SuperDAT 5144 Update to
VirusScan for 32-bit Wins/DOS. Execute as
"SDAT5144.EXE /E ." to manually extract.
Free Upgrade to Scanning Engine v5.2.00
for licensed VScan users. Also Updates
Signature files to October 18th, 2007 for
Scan engines 4.0.70 thru 5.2.00.
SDIZ510.ZIP 225726 Dec-04-2007 Ŀ

v5.10 Deluxe!
The Ultimate Dizzer
Programmed by Eran Meuhas
SupreDiZ is the BEST FILE_ID.DIZ to
FILES.BBS import for: RA, PCB, RG
IQ, TG and PROB! With lots of new
and Useful features! What's new?!

2PCB, IQDiZ, XFBBS.. attached!
SuperDiZ NOW supports:


SLICER10.ZIP 2695 Mar-22-1997 slicer v1.0 : dramatically
reduces cpu load caused by
some dos apps (bbs progs &
bbs doors, or whatever...)
by dink 03.22.1900.97
SLMR21A.ZIP 160020 Dec-03-2007 SLMR2.1a is an offline mail
reader for QWK packets
SMNU110A.ZIP 71081 Feb-01-1998
޳ SabreMENU Version 1.10a ޳

Light Bar Driven Multi-Use Menu to create a
Multi-Choice Menu for your most frequently
used programs at your finger tips. Shells
out and uses 0k memory. That's right, none,
so your programs run exactly like they
would if you start them at the command
prompt or from a batch file. Can execute
BAT,COM and EXEs and will allow DOS "CALL"
to CALL a batch to run a manual maintenance
if you are working on your BBS. More than
likely only limited by the knowledge of
your software! Includes a FREE Calendar so
you can get some ideas for this useful
utility! Use it as your Main Menu for your
BBS utilities! RA, Ezycom, PCBoard, etc...
http://www.sabretech.com [DH98]

T-DIZ11.ZIP 29854 Dec-04-2007 ---===< A UTILITY FROM TERMINATE >===--
. * T-DIZ * .
. Import all new files into FILES.BBS .
. extracting FILE_ID.DIZ from packed .
. archives. Remove descriptions for .
. missing files. .
. * ALLDIZ * .
. Unpack all FILE_ID.DIZ using wild- .
. card into ALLDIZ.TXT. .
. The following formats are supported .
-------======< FREEWARE >======--------
T-HSTM11.ZIP 43244 Dec-04-2007 ---===< A UTILITY FROM TERMINATE >===--
........ Terminate HOST utility .......
which are included in most files.
Generate filelist for hostmode
-------======< FREEWARE >======--------
TERMBOX.ZIP 12731563 Dec-20-2010 10 popular DOS terminal emulation softwares configured to run in
Dosbox 0.73+hal9k patches.
Tested in 2K, XP & Win 7 (must run as administrator).
Terminate v5.00
Telemate v4.20
*Telix v3.51
T2 v2.04d
RIPTerm v1.54
Qmodem v4.6
Procomm v2.4.3
Procomm Plus v2.01
*GTPower v19.00
*COMMO v7.7
* Unregistered
TP7P5FIX.ZIP 15048 Oct-28-2007 TP7/P5+ fix!
v1.04 (06-20-04)
UCFCUP34.ZIP 50165 Nov-17-2007 CyberWare

proudly presents

CUP386 v3.4

The Ultimate Executables Unpacker
Unpacks DOS EXE, COM file packed via
PkLite, Diet, Protect and ANY other!
RM INT 1 Tracer, V86 Multitasking,
80386 CPU Emulator - full RM support
w/processor queue and DRX emulation!
Built-in interactive MegaDebugger:
CyberWare Code Digger v3.4
"I'm alive feature" - led flashing
Faster and smarted than any similiar
ULTMU40.ZIP 101681 Sep-01-1997 UltraMenu Ver 4.00. BRAND NEW from UltraSoft!
Popular Task Manager, capable of unlimited
control of complex Computer Applications.Many
Enhanced Features since v3.7a. PreProgrammed
EVENTS, ALARMS, CALENDAR & more. Frees memory
for the application. Very simple to operate &
program.Alters Menus from the Main Menu scrn.
Very attractive 3-D graphics & Screen Blanker
Extensive yet simple. Grab this one and see!!
WAITM110.ZIP 64071 Feb-10-2010
޳ Wait-Mate! v1.10a ޳

Multitasker aware batch file utility that
will wait until a file is either created
or deleted. Will also wait for specified
time in Minutes, Hours, Time and Days of
the Week to allow for events and more.
Sets the environment with Days of the
Week and Day of the Year. Execute other
programs that do not have error checking
to allow greater control over your BBS
events using error levels in batch files.
http://www.sabretech.com [DH98]

XDIZ25E.ZIP 86975 Dec-04-2007 XDIZ v2.5e [*NEW*]


Extracts FILE_ID.DIZ & DESC.SDI from
ZIP, ARJ, LZH,RAR, SQZ,AIN archives,
creating/appening descriptions in a
PCBoard-oid listfile. (386+)
Many fantastic features:
Automatic stripping of nonsence,
high ASCII codes, graphics etc.
Moving files with good description
CD-ROM support, multi config files
Multiple archive recognition
Processing up to 5000 archives
Use this before (DAT-Tape-)backups
No other BBS-Software needed
NEW: RAR, SQZ, AIN archiv support
ZIPBR111.ZIP 44671 Dec-04-2007 ZIP Brand FAST! v1.11. A (BBS) util to
brand .ZIP files in a whole directory
tree SAFELY and QUICKLY with a comment
or banner taken from a file. Typically
processing speed is 20+++ files a sec.
Advanced but very easy to use.Does NOT
use external programs as PKZIP or Info
ZIP. DOS version. US$ 10 Shareware.
ZIPEM12.ZIP 45870 Dec-04-2007 Zip'em Version 1.3 Freeware!
Zip'em is a EXE file that uses
PKZIP(c) to search all the Hard
Drives that you tell it to and
Compress and Delete all of a
Certain Filespec. Will put it
into a Daily Zip file, then into
a Monthly Zip file. Great for
managing those LOG files!
Freeware From VagaBond Software!
ZMP3D021.ZIP 12449 Nov-29-2000 zMP3DIZ v0.21 -*- MP3 -> FILE_ID.DIZ
Extracts the description in an MP3 and
writes the tag into a FILE_ID.DIZ file
making it capable for any BBS software
to import MP3 descriptions!
Supports internal Mystic, EleBBS/RA &
Iniquity file area importing.

73 Files, 95883 Kilobytes In DOS Utils