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ACB153B1.ZIP 634352 May-13-2007 =--==--=-=--==-=-=-=-=-=--==--==-=-
Acrobat/2 1.53 beta1
The Ultimate OS/2 BBS!
Small, fast, easy to setup and use!
Ideal for internet telnet,
and fast multinode boards!
ACRO151.ZIP 880137 May-13-2007 浜様様様様様様様様様様
AcroBat/2 BBS 1.51

BBS For OS/2.
(c) V.R.B. Corp.
freeware. '96
!Sources Included!
ADF111Y.ZIP 2396507 May-13-2007 AdeptXBBS Version 1.11y Full Install
32-bit, Multi-Threaded GUI, NNTP,
SMTP, POP3, Telnet, Sockets, FTP,
Integrated Mailer, REXX, Utils,
multiple language, XMsg, *.Msg,
Squish and JAM msg bases,
localized date/time display and
a lot more!
Very customizable for almost any
BBSing needs.
GUI (PM) BBS for OS/2. FREEWare/2
24 Node Version
Just create a directory \Adept and
unpack the files in this archive
into the \Adept dir.
E-Mail bugs to: nitin@poboxes.com
AFXGB610.ZIP 754242 Jul-11-2021 No Description Available
BBBSLADM.ZIP 49775 Dec-02-2008 Shell & Perl scripts currently being used at
1:120/546 (bbs.rocasa.us) to run BBBS under Linux
BBBS_NT.ZIP 1936253 Aug-20-2007 BBBS v4.01 Flag. Complete BBS package withWWW/InterNet/modem/ISDN/LAN based
accessmodes. Everything you need to run a BBS!InterNet, telnet, WWW, FTP, POP3,
HTTP, news,email, FidoNet, mailer, mail processor, TICK,AllFix, gateway, full
screen editor, o
BOS2_260.RAR 203735 May-14-2007 No description!
CHOICE10.ZIP 443408 Jun-14-1998 *- CHOiCE BBS Software v1.0 -*
Supports ALL Baud Rates
Supports Multiple Menu Sets
Multiple Matrix Menus
Auto Import File_id.diz to
database - up to 20 lines
Time Bank
Totally configurable
Easy to setup
and much more....
CON-106.ZIP 461720 Dec-26-2009 _
栩 炳 v1.06 General & Install

栩 ' 渺
栩桀 樛樂 陳 陳 楪 陳 楪 陳
炳栩栩栩桎 渺 渺 渺渺 渺 渺 渺
烝烝烝 烝 烝 烝 烝
CONFIG.DAT 27 Apr-14-2009 No Description Available
CONW106.ZIP 810005 Dec-26-2009 _
栩 炳 v1.06 Win/32

栩 ' 渺
栩桀 樛樂 陳 陳 楪 陳 楪 陳
炳栩栩栩桎 渺 渺 渺渺 渺 渺 渺
烝烝烝 烝 烝 烝 烝
DEFCON11.ZIP 41781 Feb-15-2010 ________________________
)::: _______/_______
\:: /: /::: /
/: /: /:: __________/
/ / /: __/_____
/ ` / (
\____________/ /
敖 陳---陳陳-陳陳---陳陳-- 朕
- defcon bbs loader v1.1 -
-- (aug/98) --
configurable lightbar
& conventional interface. a very nice front-end
for sysops with multiple
BBS/BBS setups.
by natedogg of demonic 青陳----陳陳陳陳-陳陳---陳陳潰
DMEBBS12.ZIP 44456 Jan-28-1998 Damebbs v1.2 - Damebbs extracts file_id.diz files
from archives and makes a listabbs.txt file in Maximus
files.bbs format (filename and description in one line).
NEW: It reads readme.txt or readme.doc if file_id.diz
doesn't exist. Freeware. Quick Basic source code included.
DRLM21.ZIP 427978 May-30-2007 drealmBBS - Bulletin Board System for Linux Bulletin board/Conference system
software Source and Linux 2.4.0-test10 ELF binaries
DUMPLE1.ZIP 52990 Dec-02-2010 No Description Available
E200_OS2.ZIP 521248 Sep-05-2007 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
* Ezycom BBS v2.00 Shareware Release *
Fully Fidonet Compatable Message Base.
With Builtin Echomail and Netmail Tossers
Supports RIP, Avatar, Ansi & Ascii Graphic
Emulations. And Much Much More.....
ENTOSX29.ZIP 2325272 Nov-14-2010 .:.. __ __ ...:.. . __ .-----.-----. -.----.---.-. -__
_ _ _ ________________.___<:<-------------------------------->:>+!
build 429 / universal of
ENTR429.ZIP 950077 Oct-19-2010 +--------------------------------------+
EXE05OS2.ZIP 218996 Sep-01-2007 No description!
FHO120.ZIP 98885 May-28-1996 Fortress Host, OS/2 executable
FHOST120.ZIP 167599 May-28-1996 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様
_Fortress_ _Host_ v1.20
A sophisticated enhanced host
for VGA Planets. Boosts game-
play with many new features.
Carrier Fleet Combat,
Advanced Fighter Missions,
Advanced Torpedo Missions,
Stargates, Core Torpedos,
Sunbuster, Supernova, Plasma
Sunscoops, Ramscoops, Death-
star Destruction Beam, Main-
tenance Ships and many new
friendly codes. Winplan
support. Highly configureable
Available for DOS/32, OS/2,
and WinNT/95/32
(c) 1995,96 by Michael Raith
FIDOQ125.ZIP 288800 May-21-2007 FidoQWK 1.25: QWK <=> Fido echomail converter
Echo messages between FidoNet and QWK-type
FNP110A.ZIP 174277 May-24-2009 FEATHERNET PRO! - v1.10 SHAREWARE [1/4]
One of the most POWERFUL, Full Featured BBS
Packages To Be Found. User & SysOp Friendly.
Fantastic Performance and Capabilities, Great
Utilities, and Superb Documentation. ANSI/RIP
CD-ROM, 115k baud/Non-Standard IRQ ports, and
UNCRIPPLED! Built in QWKMail & Upload Check.
Part 1: Install Program & Docs
UPLOADED BY: FeatherNet Software, Inc.
FNP110B.ZIP 375414 May-24-2009 FEATHERNET PRO! - v1.10 SHAREWARE [2/4]
One of the most POWERFUL, Full Featured BBS
Packages To Be Found. User & SysOp Friendly.
Fantastic Performance and Capabilities, Great
Utilities, and Superb Documentation. ANSI/RIP
CD-ROM, 115k baud/Non-Standard IRQ ports, and
UNCRIPPLED! Built in QWKMail & Upload Check.
UPLOADED BY: FeatherNet Software, Inc.
FNP110C.ZIP 276269 May-24-2009 FEATHERNET PRO! - v1.10 SHAREWARE [3/4]
One of the most POWERFUL, Full Featured BBS
Packages To Be Found. User & SysOp Friendly.
Fantastic Performance and Capabilities, Great
Utilities, and Superb Documentation. ANSI/RIP
CD-ROM, 115k baud/Non-Standard IRQ ports, and
UNCRIPPLED! Built in QWKMail & Upload Check.
UPLOADED BY: FeatherNet Software, Inc.
FNP110D.ZIP 329057 May-24-2009 FEATHERNET PRO! - v1.10 SHAREWARE [4/4]
One of the most POWERFUL, Full Featured BBS
Packages To Be Found. User & SysOp Friendly.
Fantastic Performance and Capabilities, Great
Utilities, and Superb Documentation. ANSI/RIP
CD-ROM, 115k baud/Non-Standard IRQ ports, and
UNCRIPPLED! Built in QWKMail & Upload Check.
UPLOADED BY: FeatherNet Software, Inc.
FOSS11B3.ZIP 604818 Jun-04-2007 FOSS/2 v1.13 - Released at 21/06-96
Frog Online Services System for OS/2
Powerfull but easy to use BBS system
with advanced script language and very
few limitations on the complet system.
FPORCH20.ZIP 57970 Dec-10-2014 =======================================
= Front Porch 2.0 =
= Allows BBS sysop to offer users =
= up to 15 systems! =
= FULLY configurable! =
FRUM21.ZIP 397575 May-30-2007 Forums v2.1.0, a simple bbs for linux, written in perl.
FUSION05.ZIP 700163 May-13-2007 Illusion BBS v1.99 beta 10 - Illusion is
a fully featured bulletin board software
sporting a extensive programming
language (IPL), a message system that
supports JAM, Squish, and *.MSG message
formats, an action capable multinode
teleconference, and more. Illusion home
page at http://illusionbbs.home.ml.org.
Uncrippled shareware $25. Includes
NetModem 1.0b13.sL telnet server daemon.
GAPDOSIN.ZIP 1701548 Nov-27-2007 GAP BBS DOS install program.
This will allow you to create the
2 floppy disks needed to install
GAP bBS in a DOS system.
GAPMAN.ZIP 369271 Nov-27-2007 GAP BBS software docs in
adobe PDF format.
GAPWINEX.ZIP 2807255 Nov-27-2007 GAP BBS Windows install program.
Recomended install program as comes
with windows versions of some of the
This version does not need floppy
GAPWININ.ZIP 1670225 Nov-27-2007 GAP BBS Windows install program.
This version does not need floppy
GS130224.ZIP 10397741 Mar-20-2013 Gamesrv v13.02.24 - With included door games
GS7615FX.ZIP 539251 May-14-2008 Gamesrv V7.06.15 - FIxed .EXE File.
GS7615ST.ZIP 925018 May-14-2008 Gamesrv V7.06.15 - Setup package.
All you need to run a bunch of door
games without a BBS. Freeware and
Opensource for Windows.
GSN130~1.ZIP 1461724 Mar-20-2013 Gamesrv v13.02.24 - Without doorgames
GT1900_1.ZIP 160064 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [1/8]
Complete host and terminal operations.
Features such as RIPscrip support
(viewable both remote and local!), fax
handling, CallerID, OS2/MS-Windows/
DESQview aware, QWKMail, DIZ support,
archive viewing, powerful script and
questionaire processing, CDROM support,
subscription and user account management,
onscreen file tagging, plus much more...
all rolled into one shareware program!
Actively produced/supported by P&M Software.
GT1900_2.ZIP 310528 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [2/8]
Main program executable and misc utils.
GT1900_3.ZIP 44916 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [3/8]
External protocol drivers (CISB, GTZ)
GT1900_4.ZIP 182717 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Part [4/8]
Terminal Mode Only version. For use
when disk space is limited. Nickname
is GTO!
GT1900_5.ZIP 119230 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [5/8]
HOST/BBS Mode documentation.
GT1900_6.ZIP 112196 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [6/8]
Host Mode utilities and Windows PIF and
ICO files.
GT1900_7.ZIP 111488 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [7/8]
BGI Graphics fonts and video drivers,
and misc utilities.
GT1900_8.ZIP 75826 Jul-06-2008 GT Power v19.00 [10-01-94] Disk [8/8]
Example files/screens for Host Mode:
.BBS, .CBS, .RIP and .ICN.
INDIGO01.ZIP 216794 Nov-16-2010 Indigo v0.01 - Tool for setting up a point system with Blue Wave
DOS and OS/2 with source code. Free!
INF15A20.ZIP 523441 Nov-21-2007 ##===========================##
## infusion bbs software ##
## version 1.55 alpha 20 ##
## (c)grant passmore 1996-99 ##
## (skaboy@mail.acid.org) ##
## www.demonic.net/infusion/ ##
INIQ201.ZIP 331470 Apr-29-2013 02/11/99, 3:01pm
This is a -really- quick fix of Iniquity 2.0... there are only a
few changes for the time being, I'll do some more as long as the
bug reports come in.
INQA26R5.ZIP 1638817 May-13-2007 ::: _____ :::: :::::: ____ :::::
/____/___ ______ /___/___ 旭 ______
____/_ >-/ /___/_ >--/ /
/ > / / / / : / / :: /
/ :: :___/ / / :___(__/ /
(_____/ -ks <____/(_____/ / /
陳--陳聴按聴-----陳-----/>> /_____/<--)
: i n i q u i t y b b s s y s t e m :
-----> v1.00a26r5 旭 12/01/97 )-
time bank, ansi abort, new mci codes :
iniqmail bugs fixed, updated docs : ..bah just read the whatsnew =]
<--< (c) copyright idt productions >-->
%%-(a iniquity development team release)-%%
IQ101DOS.ZIP 608296 May-24-2009 濂閲椣棆樛蝦 旭 胃濂 澑 貨
棆椣椣樂 棆栩 円澑 芦
碓樛胃 ks/xps 炳朮 樛胃朮
樛 iniquity! 炳桀樛 澎 胃
version 1.01 貨澎樛樛樛越栩
telnet server移栩朮 菓栩
not just a bbs渟栩桍 栩栩
Its a BBS with菓栩 栩栩
inet server! 異栩朮樛椡 菓栩
(da/te/!!) 樂栩
烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝烝 樛移
(c)1997 Michael Pike
IQ20.ZIP 1124762 Apr-29-2013 烝烝炳臆
栩 菓桎烝栩 栩 栩桎烝栩 栩桎烝烝
栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 桎
栩 栩 桀 栩 栩 菓 栩 屋
栩 栩 朮 朮 栩 栩 烝烝烝烝
朮 栩 栩 桀 朮 栩 棆
桎 朮 栩 栩 栩 栩
栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 朮 棆
栩 栩 菓 栩 栩 桎
栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 栩 棆
菓 栩 栩 朮 朮桀樛栩 bz
-陳陳聴陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 栩 陳陳陳--
i n i q u i t y t w o
-- twice more fixes ..
-- twice more stable ..
-- twice more kick ass ..
-- ..
-- leech it twice!@# =)
(c) 1998 iniquity development team
IQ211JP.ZIP 385427 Apr-29-2013 .--.__
i ___i_ _________________
l__\___/____ ___\___/_ ___
\_ __\_ ___\_ __/____ _/
l>>i n i q u i t y 2 . 1 1<<____\
l iniquity bbs v2.11 [DOS] l
i this is an UNOFFICIAL update l
: for iniquity 2.0 FINAL that i
. fixes many bugs, including :
i numerous y2k issues. use at .
l your own risk. i
l jack phlash/demonic productions i
IQA26R4.ZIP 375960 May-24-2009 ::: _____ :::: :::::: ____ :::::
/____/___ ______ /___/___ 旭 ______
____/_ >-/ /___/_ >--/ /
/ > / / / / : / / :: /
/ :: :___/ / / :___(__/ /
(_____/ -ks <____/(_____/ / /
陳--陳聴按聴-----陳-----/>> /_____/<--)
: i n i q u i t y b b s s y s t e m :
-----> v1.00a26r4 旭 10/18/97 )-
alive, dead, alive , dead , alive, :
dead , alive , dead , alive , dead , : AliVE!
faster ansi emulation, added iplx
features, netmail, and a bag of chips :
<--< (c) copyright dike productions >-->
;;;;; ______ /(___ ;;;;;;; /(___ ;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;__\ /__\ \_______ \ \_______ ;;
;; _\ \ / //\_ \_ //_\ __ //_
; / _\ \/ _____ \ __ \/__ __ / ____\ \ _______ (
/_________\\______\___/__________\ \kL7
................................... \____\
%%-(a iniquity development team release)-%%
JAMNNTP2.ZIP 234579 May-21-2007 No description!
JAMNNTS.ZIP 117082 May-21-2007 No description!
JETBBS5R.ZIP 700766 Dec-08-2010 JETBBS 5.0 Registered - Released as Freeware
by Author Troy Beckstrom on August 26, 2000.
Easy to install, easy to use,
and customizable! Put any command on any key
in any menu, and make your own menus and
commands. Supports multi-line with inter-user
chat and multitasking in the background while
you use your computer. QWK, file x-fers with
ANSI tagging, supports most doors, voting
polls, e-mail with forwarding, quoted reply,
file attachments, 8 casino games, voting
polls, ANSI-scroll-bar mail/message reader.
JNTP1SM.ZIP 117373 Jun-03-2007 JamNNTPd 1.0 SMAPI (BETA!)JamNNTPd is an attempt to merge dyingfidonet
technology with modern Usenetnewsreaders. This version uses the SMAPI library
and allows Squish support.Win32, and source included.
JNTPD1O2.ZIP 234801 Jun-03-2007 JamNNTPd 1.0 OS/2 Port.JamNNTPd is an attempt to merge dyingfidonet technology
with modern Usenetnewsreaders.
LORA232E.ZIP 743292 May-24-2009 No description!
LOW_0514.ZIP 855735 Sep-22-2009 LoraBBS v2.99.41 - Beta release for Win32 (NT and 95)
The most advanced BBS, FidoNet mailer and
mail processor ever seen. If features
multiple message bases (Squish, JAM,
AdeptXBBS, Hudson and Fido *.MSG), multiple
offline mail reader (ASCII, QWK, BlueWave
and PointMail), Telnet and FTP clients,
USENET news reader, internal file transfer
protocols, ANSI Avatar and RIP graphics, and
much more. Available for DOS, OS/2, Windows
(NT and 95) and Linux operating systems.
MAG05A.ZIP 1027229 Dec-11-2016 . . . .__ .__ __./_. _ * _.;_/ _. [__)[__)(__ _](_]_.\(_]
[__)[__).__) v0.5a-------._---------------------------------Magicka BBS is a
Free BBS System for Linuxand FreeBSD. While Still in the early stagesof
MAG06A.ZIP 1899383 Mar-24-2017 . . . .__ .__ __.
/_. _ * _.;_/ _. [__)[__)(__
_](_]_.\(_] [__)[__).__) v0.6a
Magicka BBS is a Free BBS System for Linux,
macOS, FreeBSD and NetBSD.
* FTN Network Support
* Zmodem & Long filename Support
* SSH Server & Telnet Server
* External Editor Support
* Compiles and runs on Raspberry Pi
* LUA Scripting Support
* Optional WWW & FTP server.
* Bluewave Support
* TIC file processor
MAX_V170.ZIP 565945 Dec-10-2014 敖陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕
BBS Utiliteez Software
Max-Menu v1.70 is the ultimate BBS front
end menu system and/or multi-level door
manager. What all does Max-Menu do? "What
doesn't it do" should be the question! If
you have tried BFE, MetroCore, BBS Switch
or any other front end menu system which
just seems to be too complicated/limited,
then Max-Menu is for you! SysOps that run
a lot of doors prefer Max-Menu over other
door managers because of its power packed
door managing capabilities. Supports four
message base formats, online chat, built
in protocols, grafitti wall, you name it!
MCONV121.ZIP 356504 May-30-2007 A fully functional Internet BBS. Telnet-based, its featuresinclude
single-keypress menu-driven operation, full colouroperation with easy to use
encoding system, user to usermessaging facility, and in-BBS account handling
tools. Outside the BBS itself
MGKA04A.ZIP 420192 Aug-22-2016 . . . .__ .__ __./_. _ * _.;_/ _. [__)[__)(__ _](_]_.\(_]
[__)[__).__) v0.4a-------._---------------------------------Magicka BBS is a
Free BBS System for Linuxand FreeBSD. While Still in the early stagesof
MKNET115.ZIP 238324 Jun-05-2007 MKNet v1.15 QWK network tosser for MK, RA,
Quick, Super, and other systems using
Hudson, Jam, Squish, Ezy, or *.Msg Message
bases. Fast and easy to setup. Now with
alternate taglines. (FW)
MLTELD11.ZIP 6042 Oct-20-2011 `-------------------------------------'
MNOTIFA.ZIP 18503148 Mar-24-2017 MagickaNotify for Win32, macos, src
MagickaNotify is a little tool to receive
notification broadcasts from MagickaBBS.
NETF117.ZIP 164312 Oct-27-2017 NetFoss 1.17 - Windows Telnet FOSSIL driver
Fast 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 10, 8,
7, Vista, XP, 200x. Allows DOS BBS software
to connect over Telnet or Serial connections
and run both DOS and Win32 (DOOR32) doors.
Includes Net2BBS open source Telnet server.
Freeware from PC Micro -+- http://pcmicro.com
NXPB9941.ZIP 1435683 May-28-2007 Nexus Bulletin Board System v0.99.41 (DOS)
PUBLIC BETA Full Installation -- Jun 10, 2001
Full installation package includes JAM(mpb),
Squish, and *.MSG support. UUCP-gated e-mail,
CD-ROM support, config. file system, powerful
menuing system, customizable language system,
Nexecutable programming language, and more!
BETA TEST VERSION http://www.nexusbbs.net
OPUS179.ZIP 1690105 Apr-30-2009 Everything you need to setup a
BBS running Opus 1.79
ORIONV6X.ZIP 2461092 Jun-07-2007 Orion CBCS Version 6.xx.
OS/2 based BBS software that
seems to be based on the Freeware
Adept-X BBS.
OSBBS10A.ZIP 75114 May-30-2007 Onyx Sidewinder Bulletin Board System 0.10 Alpha releaseby Sten P6ldma
(exile@chamber.ee) 6 = o with an accent mark above it.Chamber Systems Research
Department - www.chamber.eeOnyx Sidewinder homepage - www.chamber.ee/os
OSIRIS~1.ZIP 3325847 Dec-26-2009 +---------------------------------------+
Osiris BBS 5.01 For Windows 95/98 Copyright 1985-2000 Mike Bryeans.
RIP and MAX GRAPHIC interface, and much more! Now Freeware. ****
Released May 5, 2000 **** +---------------------------------------+
OSIRV501.ZIP 3325847 Dec-08-2010 +---------------------------------------+
Osiris BBS 5.01 For Windows 95/98 Copyright 1985-2000 Mike Bryeans.
RIP and MAX GRAPHIC interface, and much more! Now Freeware. ****
Released May 5, 2000 **** +---------------------------------------+
PB_217.ZIP 656138 May-30-2002 ProBoard v2.17 - Professional BBS System
Includes: Full multi-line support (255
Nodes), Squish, Hudson, JAM, and *.MSG
support, Support for 10,000 message/
file areas, Unique development kit (SDK)
included, Language support, TTY/ANSI/
AVT/RIP, CD-ROM support, Runs most
doors, UL Scan support, Interal QWK,
Alias support, and lots lots more!
Now Freeware - (c) 2002 Philippe Leybaert
PPWIN304.ZIP 599175 Aug-28-2007 PPoint - Professional Point - Automatic
Setup and Maintenance. Automatically
accepts and sets up new areas. Simple
to use. Sets up and interfaces
transparently with Binkley. 4d or
FakeNet addressing. Efficient message
database system. Optional Modules
available for QWK or LAN Support. Runs
in DOS, Windows 3.1, or Windows 95.
By Harvey Parisien.
RA_262SW.ZIP 848297 Jul-20-2007 RemoteAccess Version 2.62.1
This is the long awaited y2k upgrade to
RemoteAccess Shareware. In addition to
finalizing Year 2000 compliance (which
uses the full four digit year) there are
some additional features. Be sure to
read the WHATSNEW.TXT file.
Please report any and all bugs or
strange happenings to me through any of
the following means:
RA_SUPPORT echo on fidonet
Netmail to me at 1:324/122@fidonet
E-Mail mailto:bugreports@rapro.com
Bruce Morse
RemoteAccess Central
RCAT10.ZIP 857487 May-30-2007 The rocat BBS System.
RGV122F.ZIP 923509 Oct-21-2020 No Description Available
RGV125F.ZIP 1217670 May-17-2021 No Description Available
RGV125U.ZIP 508992 May-17-2021 No Description Available
SAURON_S.ZIP 130490 May-13-2007 Sauron BBS 1.01B is complety script file
driven, from logon to logoff, this enables
sysops to configure Sauron to however they
choose. * Pascal Source Incl. * TP7 NOW
SBBS_W~1.ZIP 7128414 Jan-26-2008 Synchronet v3.13a Internet BBS Software
for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP - Install
or Upgrade from v2.x or v3.x. Includes
integrated Telnet/RLogin, FTP, NNTP, Web,
IRC, Mail, and List servers. Up to 250
nodes in one window! Supports popular DOS
doors, 32-bit WinSock doors, multinode
chat, QWK, FidoNet, and much, much more!
Highly customizable and scriptable.
Check www.synchro.net for the latest and
greatest. See v313_new.html for list of
new features. Released: Sep-11-2005
SF361.ZIP 241748 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]様
Version 3.6 - Disk 1 - System Disk
SF362.ZIP 284115 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System ]様
v3.6 - Disk 2 - Utililty/DOC Disk
SFFILESA.ZIP 25301 Feb-27-2005 浜[ SFFILES ASSISTANT v2.55 ]様様様様様様融
- Formerly MKSFFBBS
- Create & Maintain SPITFIRE's SFFILES
- Sort SFFILES (Multiple Criteria)
- Verify File Date In SFFILES
- Verify File Size in SFFILES
- Multi-line File Description Support
- $0.00 Registration Fee
- FILE_ID.DIZ Support
- CD-ROM Support
- Simple To Use
藩様様様様様様[ Buffalo Creek Software ]夕
SFGUESS.ZIP 21014 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SFGUESS - v3.0 ]様様様様様様様様様邑
A Sample SPITFIRE Door Program
Guess A Number Between 1 And 1000
塒様様様様様[ Buffalo Creek Software ]様
SFLOG.ZIP 19008 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SFLOG - Version 2.1 ]様様様様様様
Callers Log Statistical Utility
Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files!
塒様様様[ Buffalo Creek Software ]様
SFMKLIST.ZIP 16803 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SFMKLIST v2.5 ]様様様様様様様様様様様邑
Create 'all file list' for SPITFIRE BBS
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SFMNUEXT.ZIP 33520 Feb-27-2005 浜様[ SPITFIRE Menu Extension - 2.0 ]様様
Use to increase SPITFIRE's door
capabilities and menu options to
unlimited amounts! Supports RIP!
Workable in the year 2000 and beyond.
Operates on Pentium II machines.
SFNODE.ZIP 27398 Feb-27-2005 **** SFNODE v2.1 **** From BCS
Create And Maintain SFNODE.DAT
For SPITFIRE v3.6 - Use As Event!
SFPCBDR.ZIP 16447 Feb-27-2005 SFPCBDR v2.0
Run PC Board Doors Under SPITFIRE
Product of Buffalo Creek Software
SFPCKMSG.ZIP 8250 Feb-27-2005 Stand-Alone SF Message Base Pack Utility
Can Be Used As An Event - Fast - v2.0
SFPCKUSR.ZIP 7141 Feb-27-2005 Stand-Alone SF Caller Base Pack Utility
Use As An Event - Extremely Fast - V2.0
Works In Year 2000 And Beyond
From Buffalo Creek Software
SFRBBSDR.ZIP 7513 Feb-27-2005 浜[ SFRBBSDR Version 1.5 ]様様様様様
藩[ Run RBBS Doors Under SPITFIRE ]夕
SFREC.ZIP 3218 Dec-16-2006 No description!
SFSYSTEM.ZIP 23634 Feb-27-2005 **** SFSYSTEM v2.1 **** From BCS
Create And Maintain SFSYSTEM.DAT
For SPITFIRE v3.6 - Use As Event!
SFTOPTEN.ZIP 6857 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SFTOPTEN - Version 1.41 ]様様様様
Create Top 10 Caller Display File
Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files!
塒様様様[ Buffalo Creek Software ]様
SFUSERS.ZIP 47441 Feb-27-2005 嬪[ SFUSERS Version 1.5c ]様様様様様様様邑
Fully Maintain SF's Caller Database
Find Dup Phone #, Birthdate & Password
Caller Subscription Support & More
塒様様様[ From Buffalo Creek Software ]余
SFWCDR.ZIP 17660 Feb-27-2005 (v2.0) Run Wildcat Doors Under SPITFIRE
From Buffalo Creek Software
SMAPI201.ZIP 191157 Jun-10-2007 No description!
SOUPG105.ZIP 462858 Sep-24-2007 SoupGate v1.05: easily configurable yet
quite powerful Fidonet-Internet gateway
software; requires SOUP mail/news client.
Supports DOS, OS/2, Windows 9X/NT, Linux!
!!! THIS IS A BETA VERSION (2000-11-02).
--- FREEWARE ---
STERMOSX.ZIP 5021802 Nov-15-2010 bbs ______ ____ ____ ____ ____ / ___// ___\/ __ \ / \_/ __ \ \___
\\ \__\ ___/ \ ___/.org /____ >\___ >___ >___ /\___
>+<:<---\/-----\/----\/-----\/-----\/>:>+! syncterm 0.9.4b for os x 10.3+
universal (386 & p
STOBBS15.ZIP 24985 Dec-10-2014 Official Name: Shuttle to BBS, V. 1.05
By SideDoor Software. It is intended
for the SysOp who wishes to run more
than one Bulletin Board System on
TAGC26F.ZIP 15126 May-24-2009 T. A. G. version 2.6f Conversion program To
upgrade your T.A.G. version to 2.6f, you
should currently be running version 2.6d or
later. For prior version upgrades, use the
conversion programs for each interim release.
TAGD27.ZIP 133177 May-24-2009 T.A.G. Version 2.7
TAGM26F.ZIP 348930 May-24-2009 T.A.G. Version 2.6f; This release adds QWK
support to T.A.G. internally. Additionally,
several new features have been added for
functionality, along with the usual
compliment of minor bug fixes.
TAGM27.ZIP 401822 May-24-2009 T.A.G. Version 2.7
Main Program
TAGN26D.ZIP 24763 May-24-2009 No description!
TAGR26E.ZIP 33183 May-24-2009 T.A.G. Bulletin Board System Data Record
TAGR27.ZIP 29154 May-24-2009 No description!
TAGS26C.ZIP 85803 May-24-2009 T.A.G. 2.6c BBS
Start-up package for a new BBS
TAGS27.ZIP 78880 May-24-2009 T.A.G. Version 2.7
Startup Package
TAGU26B.ZIP 9720 May-24-2009 T.A.G. 2.6b
Update documentation package
TAGU27D.ZIP 345781 May-24-2009 T.A.G. 2.7.d Upgrade 1998
TAGU27D2.ZIP 321767 May-24-2009 T.A.G. 2.8D2 Upgrade y2k Fix
TAGW26.ZIP 565009 May-24-2009 No description!
TB116.ZIP 1378298 May-22-2007 ******** TriBBS v11.6 - Y2K Ready! ********
TriBBS is the most feature packed,
shareware BBS program on the market.
Features multinode support, RIPscrip
graphics, Zmodem, full-screen, editor,
extensive netmail support, extensive door
support, alias support, extensive CD-ROM
support, indexed file areas, caller id
support, and more. Try TriBBS Today!
Sysops upgrading from earlier versions,
please read the 10XTO112.DOC.
By PTC Software
TBBS13.ZIP 1565439 May-30-2007 tbbs 1.3pl7.1Bulletin Board System for Linux
TBBSSRC.ZIP 2604530 Jan-21-2022 No Description Available
TBBSW32.ZIP 4250680 Jan-21-2022 No Description Available
TBRD012.ZIP 73009 May-30-2007 The Board v0.1.2
TMBBSVM.ZIP 46346801 Dec-01-2008 The Major BBS in a Virtual Machine.
Just run from VMWare and have a complete
MajorBBS with a ton of add on's.
TORNADO.ZIP 3444311 Aug-15-2012 嬪様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様邑
Tornado/W32 v2.00.0 is a multi
featured multi-line BBS system:
- ANSI, AVATAR, TTY emulations
- ZModem, YModem and XModem in-
ternal protocols and external
protocols support
- English docs
- LightBarred menus [!]
interface [!]
- English
language-files available
- Internal DoorWay shell
- Internal script language
- JAM, Squish, Hudson, *.msg
msgbase formats support
- QWK support
- User-defined multilevel menus
- Easy to configure and use
- User-friendly interface
- Real time conference (TRC)
- SaveTagList (tm) feature
- Non-monstroidal size
(c) Rudi Timmermans 2:292/650
2011-2012 Leuven, Belgium
USERED.ZIP 59551 Aug-16-2012 UserEditor v2.0.0 for
Tornado/W32 BBS
Compleed new design
Bug fixed
Compiled to 32bit
Optimize source code
(c) Rudi Timmermans 2:292/650
2011-2012 Leuven, Belgium
VUBS315.ZIP 831757 May-30-2007 VUBBS(tm) Copyright 1995 Tycho Softworks
WEB10DEF.ZIP 146312 Nov-13-2007 EleWeb - Examples / Config
WILDCA~1.ZIP 4088864 Apr-18-2009 Wildcat BBS v4.1 for DOS.
Includes reg code for single
line version.
WINS-B~1.ZIP 328031 Oct-24-2009 Adopted : 10-24-09
WW4BIN61.ZIP 1042699 Nov-27-2007 WWIV v5.00 (Build 61) Upgrade BBS Package
[Win32] (Requires WWIV 4.3X)
Contains the upgraded components of the
WWIV BBS Package. This upgrade requires
WWIV 4.3X or 5.X to be complete and fully
functional before installation. This
Beta is for registered WWIV Sysops only.
Copyright 1998-2006 WWIV Software Services
The source is available under the Apache
License from http://wwiv.sourceforge.net
WWIV-B~1.ZIP 1042290 Oct-24-2009 Adopted : 10-24-09
YAK18B.ZIP 535482 May-30-2007 YAK v1.0b-8 source codes - C source codes ofYAK BBS software, compiles at least
withWatcom and GCC/Linux. Tosser and tick programsource is not included, only
executables forDOS, OS/2 and Linux.
ZTELSRV.ZIP 140322 Feb-12-2006 zoob telnet server v0.1.1.1 - TEST VERSION
=[ win32 ]===================================
Windows 32-bit telnet server. Creates a
DOOR32 drop file to run games, and can even
work inplace of Mystic BBS's TSERVER.
====================================[ zoob ]=

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